10/09/11 LOOKING SOUND PRESENTS 'Future Warehouse Visuals'-5 LIVE AV SETS-FREE ENTRY


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Looking Sound presents – Future Warehouse Visuals
9-3am @ The Finsbury, 336 Green Lanes, N4 1BY
FREE Entry

WOW, after last month’s truly successful Looking Sound event we bring you yet again a very special lineup of fantastic talent. Behold below what lays in store for September the 10th. A true Audio/Visual extravaganza like never before!

Blackmass Plastics LIVE + Visuals by Stormfield

Scanone – LIVE AV set

Stormfield – LIVE AV set

Rad!oSam – Presents R.A.V.E – A Video Scratch/Mix set of his RAVE story

Mr FAFF – LIVE AV set + Resident visuals

Bad Bwoy Selecta – Reggae, dub, dancehall and roots featuring visuals from VJ Harper Visuals

Here is a little more about these fantastic artists:

Blackmass Plastics LIVE + Visuals by Stormfield

Blackmass Plastics, a veteran to many a scene, first came to prominence for his releases with the Dead Silence Collective, co-collaborating on some of their early releases for Audio Illusion & SMB records France. At that time it was hard edged mutant drum & bass and rapid-fire electro. He later established his own label ‘Thorn Industries’.

Being an artist with a breadth of influences from early 90's rave to 80's electro/industrial, Blackmass Plastics diversified, keeping an ear to the ground. It’s been a natural progression and recent years has seen a move into modern electro and mutated dub-step with tunes played by John Peel on BBC Radio One as well as on the BBC World Service.

Expect Blackmass’s set to be full, dangerous and dark with multi genre beats of 2-step, garage, dubstep, breaks and other things nice!

Scanone AV set

Perhaps best known for his work on his own label Yellow Machines and his music released on Combat Recordings, Jude Greenaway aka “Scanone” is a London-based producer and DJ who has been making, playing and releasing music for over a decade. In that time he has managed to develop a sound that skirts around the lunatic fringes of a myriad of underground genres, from bass-heavy electro and techno to glitched-up IDM and techy, brooding, dubstep.

As both an accomplished producer and DJ, Scanone has performed live sets in various contemporary London venues: Fabric, Cargo, Herbal, Sketch, ICA, Wang, Bass Invader, DJ’ing alongside some of the biggest names currently on the scene: Radioactive Man, Si Begg, Andrew Weatherall, Tipper, Point B, Cursor Minor, Warlock, Blackmass plastics, Benga, Vex’d...

We are in for a treat with Scanone’s latest AV show, pure beauty in audio/visual manipulation!


Stormfield AV set

The boss behind Combat Recordings, Stormfield DJs, produces and performs audio-visual live sets at various parties, and also runs the regular Riddim’n‘Bruise radio show on Sub FM.

Please check out his audio-visual expertise right here:


Combat’s main subverter Stormfield was sonically trained via the early strains of LFO, Aphex Twin, Black Dog, Autechre and the first wave of dark, techy atmospheric drum and bass masters Photek and Source Direct, later carrying these influences proudly through other forms of music like electro, dubstep and hard breakage.

Later exposure to the works of Scorn and a 4-year stint living near Brixton’s colossal dub sound systems left him with a pathological need for chest-rushing basslines.

For more information on Stormfield and the Combat Recordings Clan follow this link:



Looking Sound founder and resident Visual Audio expert. Rad!oSam has been playing out for over 10 years from his early years with the Crossbones sound system to more recent exploits on Ill FM and Brighton's Phonic 88.8 FM.

The formation of Looking Sound was the catalyst for Rad!oSam to extend his highly rated turntable skills into the visual dimension and he has been turning heads and moving bodies with his iconic visual audio mixes in Brighton and London for over 2 years.

Ranging across genres and able to get techy and filthy with the best of them Rad!oSam will kidnap your attention and you will not get it back until he is finished with it.

This Month Rad!oSam will be previewing:

Rad!oSam presents R.A.V.E (Rad!oSam Audio Visual Experience) a live video scratch mix set that draws from the earlier years of the rave scene and brings them up to date with the visual excellence we expect from him.

DJ Bad Bwoy Selecta

Warming up the groove is this Bwoy. Some lovely Reggae/dub and dancehall tracks on wax to get you going. If you like your roots then you’re going to love this set! Wheel it up my selecta!!!!

FAFF + Co.

Looking Sounds Resident visual artists, they will be helping you see what they think it looks like when its all digital.

Badbwoy Selecta

Having grown up suckling on the teet of the reggae and roots vibe, this man will bless the place with some seriously deep and meaniful vibes that you will find it very hard not to bust out a little cheeky shuffle and a skank to, really nice.

VJ Harper Visuals

Originally from a theatre background, and after majoring in lighting and sound design. This young lady quickly developed a passion for visual art, specifically live visual art and performance.

Since then VJ Harper had studied and performed with EYESONTHEWALL visual collective at The Roundhouse, Camden, been tutored and working closely with SDNA (www.sdna.tv.)

Before relocating to Peterborough, where she is currently situated, creating video mixes, soundscapes and of course producing eye catching visuals".

VJ Harper Visuals will light up Badbwoy Selects set in her own beutiful style.


Looking Sound founder and resident will be breaking his AV performance duck in spetember so make sure you get yourselves down nice and early to marvel as he clangs all over the place like only one who Faffs full time like a leakey pipe can do. And, thats a faff.