04/07/08 Siesta Loca Birthday Bash feat. Shimon/Audioporn @ Phreaktion, Shanghai


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- DJ Siesta Birthday Party feat. SHIMON -
Friday July 4 @ Club Bonbon

Shanghai’s Jungle Queen SIESTA is celebrating her big bad birthday at Bonbon on Friday July 4th!!

International guests of honor include drum’n’bass legend SHIMON, MC Kane from Singapore, and MC Stride from the UK/Korea. Bigging up the birthday girl also includes local talents Abruzzi Spur and Viceroy.

SHIMON is without a doubt one of the biggest names in Drum & Bass. Alongside ANDY C & ANT MILES (aka the RAM TRILOGY) he is responsible for HUGE D&B tracks like 'Bodyrock', 'Quest', 'Nightflight', 'Screamer' etc...
He also represents Drum & Bass’ heaviest record label, Ram Records.

For over 10 years, SHIMON’s studio skills as a respected producer, along with his dance floor smashing live performances at the biggest parties, clubs and music festivals have been shaping the sound of Drum & Bass around the world. And with his latest creation AUDIO PORN records, Shimon continues to push on...


7月4日在Bonbon将会有难得一见星光熠熠鼓打贝斯生日派对,除了大家喜爱的Siesta打头阵之外,PH还特别由英国请来英国重量级厂牌的Shimon来助阵! 还有英国的MC Stride,新加坡的MC Kane。。 7月4日晚上绝对不能错过Bonbon!

SHIMON身為RAM RECORDS最为成功的团体RAM TRILOGY中的一員(ANDYC, SHIMON, ANT MILES)创作出了许多令所有鼓打贝斯爱好者为之风狂的歌如TITAN, SCREAMER更与ANDYC共同创作了脍炙人口的两张鼓打贝斯经典单曲BODYROCK和QUEST。而现在SHIMON不但完全将心力摆在制作和经营他自己的厂牌AUDIO PORN,在他的SET更出现在DNBARENA上, 强烈的个人风格加上黑暗刚猛的选曲更进一步证明了他在鼓打贝斯界的地位


Sweatshop #7 - Sweatshop MashUP!!
Saturday July 12 @ Shelter (5 Yong Fu Lu)
*Siesta's extended birthday party*

Featuring one of UK's finest dnb/breaks producers AUDIO PORN, this very special edition of Sweatshop showcases everything from noise house, electro, uk breaks, and pure drum'n'bass bliss from 1:30 onwards.

Not to mention it's the birthday girl Siesta's extended birthday party ;)


Send your birthday wishes to the Queen of DNB in Shanghai/China here!