Event 02/07/11 - RippeR @ Bondi Bar, Altrincham - Drum & Bass Special - Part 14 - £1/£2

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    ***** POSTER COMING SOON *****
    ***** POSTER COMING SOON *****
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    The last event was crazy, all ravers were crying for one last tune..
    Big thank you to everyone who made the night what it was, Dash Total'D was insane

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    This time round RippeR present a DRUM & BASS SPECIAL with DJS :-

    12:45 - 02:00 - TRAVESTY - ( Dark Neurofunk )

    11:45 - 12:45 - TURT - ( Dancefloor Smashers )

    10:45 - 11:45 - RUDI T - ( Jungle Mania )

    09:30 - 10:45 - MINDSTATE B2B PHONIK B2B POWER - ( Deep and Dangerous )

    08:45 - 09:30 - VOID - ( Chilled Beats )

    08:00 - 08:45 - DANNY INTRO B2B HEPPSTA - ( Liquid Flex )

    All Hosted by lyrical mic man GNI MC

    As always the sound system is provided by Nick at Thor Sound System :-

    Entry Fee :- £1 before 10:30pm, £2 there after
    Over 18's only!
    Bring ID if you look young
    Please leave attitudes at home
    MAKE SURE YOU TUNE INTO RippeR RADIO -Every Thursday - 8 till Late
    With various guests all hosted by Danny Intro, tune in for the news at 10 at 10, Intros weekly rant and the tune of the week plus loads of mishaps and funniness

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    ***** A LITTLE HISTORY ON THE DJS ******

    - TRAVESTY -
    Noun: A false, absurd, or distorted representation of something.

    A collection of 3 members phil, friff and dave hailing from the city of Chester creating some amazing music in their time with tracks like 'Safety Cupboard' and 'Obtuse' being personal favourites.
    While making music they also have a live set ranging through Techno, Trip-Hop, Electro and Drum and Bass using all hardware.
    Most recently the group have started a monthly podcast with the latest one featuring 80minutes worth of their own work, im sure we'll see the rise of Travesty over the next few years, expect liquidy neurofunk and dark classic beats.
    Follow the link to their tracks/mixes here :- http://soundcloud.com/travesty
    Catch them playing at Automation on 8th June at The Roadhouse:-

    - TURT - ( Rampage Sounds / RippeR Début )

    First hearing a mix about a year ago this guy had excellent selection and massive drops with the technique of being able to mix on 3 decks showing real talent recording a series of high quality mixes with Dubstep and Drum and Bass. I think everyone needs to get down for this one hour set!!
    You can find more info and mixes from Turt here :-

    - RUDI T - ( Oh My God! / RippeR )

    Raised in a jungle.. called Stretford, Rudi T has mastered his own sound, his mixes lead your mind on a trip down the valley of the unknown. A dying breed and true junglist and guru of drum and bass this man certain knows how to bring the rukus!
    Rudi has a channel on Livestream and also has a recent mind blowing mix here:-

    - EMPZ B2B MINDSTATE B2B PHONIK - ( Sensi Krew / In Motion )

    RippeR regulars, local lads and good friends plus they have a love for good music so we are letting the 3 way back on stage to warm the night in with a mix and blend of deep and darkness. Check out some mixes/tracks by following the link :-

    - VOID - ( Twisted / RippeR )

    Has played at various gigs within Manchester aswell as recently playing RippeR and RippeR Radio. This guy has some serious tallent and knowledge of Drum and Bass with quality control behind the decks, you can expect anything from jungle, deep, dark and liquid. Make sure you get down early!

    - HEPPSTA B2B DANNY INTRO - ( RippeR )

    RippeR Residents warm up the night with a selection of chilled out rollers. If you havent seen them in action before, i suggest you get down early. Find mixes from the pair here :-

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    - Dont forgot we now have a cloakroom cost of £1, located by the door.
    (we cant not be held reasonable for your possessions outside of the cloakroom)

    - Due to RippeR getting a larger audience at each event there will now be a £1/£2 door charge meaing we can hire in another bouncer to keep you guys safe. Any extra money goes into making the night better experence ie. lighting, sound etc. i really do apologise as id love to keep it a Free event

    - Upstairs has now become a chill out area, so even if you want to come with your mates and have a couple of beers you can do. .

    - There is also a outdoor decking area upstairs for all you horrible smokers ;)

    - Drinks offers include:-

    - A BULL ROUND = 3 red bull, 3 vodkas FOR £8.50
    - Cheeky V's , God Fathers and many more jugs for like £8
    - A Jug of Pimm's for £10
    - 4 Pint Pitcher for £10
    - 4 Jager-bombs for £10
    - 4 Agwa-bombs for £10
    - 4 NV-bombs for £10
    - 4 Glitter-bombs for £10 or there £3 each
    - Sidekick shots for only £1


    ALSO DONT FORGET - Sunday to Thursday you can use your COBBER CARD!

    Each time you buy a drink, youl get a sticker to put on the card, once you have 6 stickers you get a FREE DRINK!