0=0 Valley Of the Marshmellow (Heavy Valley of the Shadows RMX)

Joey AdhD

sweaty scouser
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bad remix of Origin unknown - Valley of the Shadows....

i have had this for pure time been meanin to share it, so i uploaded it to UTOOB, listen to the full tune, if ya like ya pure jungleism/breakcore/bossness u will buzz off it.

i personally wouldnt go for a beat like this but this is fackin belter, i beleive it deserves a fred of its own.


PS i can dig out the file is anyone needs cos i dont think this will ever see the light of day.
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This is Drumfunl/Choppage.

This will fit nicely into the kinda sets I play. It's propa jungalist buisness! Breakcores not far off choppage and drumfunk either to be honest, which is why I laugh when people say Dubstep is the nearest thing to DnB out there! Anyways, rant over, this is a proper tune bruv!!!