► Energize DNB - MEGAMIX May 2012 ◄



1. Netsky – Give And Take
2. Shimon – The Smoker (Tantrum Desire Rmx)
3. Camo & Krooked – Watch it Burn (High Maintenace Rmx)
4. Hybrid Minds – Lost
5. Neonlight & Hedj – Hammerhead
6. D Bridge – True Romance VIP
7. L Plus feat. Shaz Sparks – Catastrophe (Subsonik Rmx)
8. Majistrate – Step Up
9. Friction ft. McLean – Someone
10. Chris.Su – The Bell
11. Wretch 32 – Forgiveness (S.P.Y. Rmx)
12. Hydro & Halogenix - Trieste
13. Camo & Krooked – Get Diry (Smooth Rmx)
14. Mattix & Futtile – Rising Up
15. Hybrid Minds – Summer Rain
16. Sub Focus – Frozen Solid
17. Jade – Lazertag (Neonlight Rmx)
18. Fourward – Wishes
19. Mage – White Line
20. Greenlaw ft. DJ SS – Warrior
21. Skeptical – Cold One (Jubei Rmx)
22. S.P.Y – Artificial Dream
23. Smooth – Timeless
24. Fred V & Grafix – Just A Thought
25. Ewun – Screw Up (The Upbeats Rmx)
26. Drifta ft. Emil Grace – Rearranged (Subsonik & Muffler Rmx)
27. K Tee & Friction – Set It Off (Icicle Rmx)
28. Blokhe4d – Get Back (Dieselboy Rmx)
29. Amoss – Recycle
30. Disaszt – Rainy Days
31. Receptor – Cigarette Lighter
32. Foreign Concept – Mob Justice (Enei Rmx)
33. Hive – Blackout
34. Dynamorph – Sucker Punch
35. Fresh – Hot Right Now (Camo & Krooked Rmx)
36. Eric Prydz – Niton (Sigma Rmx)
37. Brookes Brothers & Danny Byrd – Gold Rush
38. Camo & Krooked – Shut Your Eyes
39. Fresh – Lassitude VIP
40. Sub Focus – Stomp
41. Audio – Collision
42. Zero Method – Cold War
43. Porter Robinson – Spitfire (Kill The Noise Dnb Edit)
44. Optiv – Brainworm
45. Commix – Broken Man
46. Hybrid Minds – Real Life
47. S.P.Y – By Your Side

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hydro and halogenix are artists not tracks

true romance vip is one of my fav tracks you must be well connected to have been given it :teeth:


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U missed my point completely.
The VIP is not a touch on the original. Which is probably why it was never released. Which means u have illegally obtained this track and Probably all the others. If u want to be taken seriously as a dj... Pay for your music


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im not trying to inflict fear ever ready eddie, thats not my style. why would i? how could i possibly benefit from that?!

im giving you some tips/advise.. because im nice like that. hence why i dont appreciate your sarcasm.
when i use sarcasm its witty. learn to use it to its full potential. you too could be a well rounded individual.

judging by the effort you have put into recording/uploading this mix to various places, its obvious you enjoy it. and why not mixing is fun.
if you want to taken seriously by me or anyone, you should show some respect to the artists.
no half decent promoter wants to book a pirate who will play poor quality illegal downloads in their venue.
keep that in mind.

digital downloads cost fuck all
im not trying to get booked by a half decent promoter and i wouldn't even play with my "poor illegal downloads" at their venue.

because doing a mix in spare time is something completely different than trying to earn money with djing or playing out in a club like once a week.
even if i would get the chance to do it i won't.
there are other important aspects in my life, i don't judge people who do it for a living or want to do it for a living, but it simply doesn't fit to my style of life.

As a result your advice is quite pointless for me.

Quite difficult to make your point understandable, if english isn't your native language.
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