“Soul Intention” Mixed by Ill Logic & Raf feat.Spoonface on DZR

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    Ill Logic & Raf have earnt a good reputation for themselves due to the quality of their releases on several prestigious labels. One of which is DZR. The DJ skills match the studio skills on this finely crafted selection of DZR catalogue.
    Its not just back catalogue though. There are some exclusives here. X Men’s “Bombin’” has been doing the business on dubplate, and is creating quite a stir with its resonant subs. Ill Figure makes a return ( Of Suburban Base fame), the tarck is called “Nimrod” and you’ll only find it here. Raf’s “Get Loose” also appears.
    There are also some of the notable moments in DzR history. Collective Minds “Sahara” starts of eth mix, and was amongst the first tracks from DZR, and of course “From out of Nowhere” by the duo themselves appears. Not only that but the Paradox remix of their smasher “One Stop to Glory” and the brand new “Mind Tricks” get rolled out too.
    Loads of nice soulful grooves that progress into heavier territory. Well thought out tracks and well structured mixing from two players on the D&B circuit. Defiantly one to check, and it’s a little bit more underground.