“Old Skool vs New Skool” Ragga dubs galore mix


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Jul 18, 2003
“Old Skool vs New Skool” Ragga dubs galore mix

http://www.jungleforever.com/audio/sets/Preecha_-_Old Skool vs New Skool mix.mp3

This is a ragga mix I did to help promote the new scene that’s developing and to give ever increasing insight into the world of old school jungle.


-Jungle Monster-Preecha-Jungle Forever “www.jungleforever.com”
-1995 Flavor-Dj Vern and Ash
-Kunta Kinte Remix-Tester-Trilogy Sound “www.geocities.com/raggaholik/tester”
-Never Felt-Hard and Heavy
-Right Sound-UOME-X13 Recordings “www.x13recordings.com/”
-Pass De Dub-Darkus and GE Real
-Revolution-Sensi Breeze “http://www.geocities.com/sensi_breeze/”
-Don’t Dis the King-Brock Out Crew
-Solider-Debaser-Press Up “debaser@rogers.com”
-Fires Burning-Stepper D, Lynx, Therapist
-See You No More “2004” Remix-KGB Kid “www.kgbkid.com/tunes.htm”
-Give Um Lyrics-Twix Twins
-Bam Bam Remix-Steppa Style “www.steppastyle.com”
-Jah Jah Is Coming-Lion King
-Out in The Streets Remix-Sensi Breeze “The one and only Jungle Bastard”
-Fu Gee La Remix-Wrekshot “wrekshot@hotmail.com”
-???-??? “Yagga Yagga
-Lyrical Fire-General Malice and Amoe-Junglistic Pressure Kru “www.junglisticpressure.com/”
-Only Play By Bad Bwoy-Bad Bwoy
-Serious and Dangerous-Polytrickster “preecha@jungleforever.com
-Who God Bless “Junglist”-???

Special thanks and big up to all the producers who contributed to this 2003 mix. I “highly” suggest you check out the links to these new school ragga kats. Spreading the message… bless

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FYI Im looking for more producers to feature on upcoming mixes…
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