1. K

    Imk - Another night/ Riot (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    Old school vibes from IMK!! "Another night" transport you in a city night trip with a touch of melancholy before "Riot" brings you back to the rave Sampling is the key word of this single! We hope you enjoy!! One love from IA fam' Tracklist: 1. Another night 2. Riot Preview: OUT NOW...
  2. R

    Atmosperhic Jungle tune with sample from film "Jacob's Ladder"

    Hi all! I had this tune a while back but lost it when my Mac's HD failed! It's an extremely atmospheric jungle tune, maybe 96-98 and has a piece of dialogue take from the film, "Jacob's Ladder". I'm thinking it's from the GLR camp perhaps. The dialogue can be heard (and seen) here: Many...
  3. r1k1n

    The Abyss Sampled Jungle tune - 94/95 or 96?

    Hi there! I'm after the tunes that has a sample form the Sci-fi movie "The Abyss". The sample is of the Lindsey Brigman character who says this: "You remember that time, you were pretty drunk, you probably don't remember... but the power went out at the old apartment, the one on Orange...
  4. Matt

    Help with Cubase drum software

    Hi Guys, I need advice on which drum plug-in to get for cubase because groove agent is not making the cut. I need a drum plug-in that can take samples from my own kit/cymbals, have 808 bass/electronic drum pad sounds built in and also built in samples from real authentic live kits. Any...
  5. r1k1n

    Jungle tune that samples audio from Aliens - Seek & Destroy or Search & Destroy?

    I used to have this track on CD but cannot find that CD anywhere! It was a tune from perhaps 95/96 and had audio sampling from the movie 'Aliens', where by sampling says something along the lines of "...we've come here to seek (or search?) and destroy." Think it was kind of atmospheric...
  6. strove

    DnB Source of the 'Alarm' Sample that you hear in 99.9% of Ragga / Jungle?

    Whats up Junglists :D I have been meaning to ask this for ages now haha does anyone know the name / origination of that alarm sound you hear in so many tracks? Although this isn't really a DnB track, Example at 20:28 Also side-note - this is a pretty sweet mixtape. Big ups to Mayawaska
  7. Ackroyd

    Sample Packs for Rollers & Deep Tunes

    Here we can share names of sample packs that we have found particularly good for making atmospheric, deep/dark and stripped down tracks. Post packs with: - High quality samples - Smooth & deep bass - An organised catalogue - A decent file size/range of content - A link if possible No hard...
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