The Abyss Sampled Jungle tune - 94/95 or 96?


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Sep 28, 2016
Hi there!

I'm after the tunes that has a sample form the Sci-fi movie "The Abyss".
The sample is of the Lindsey Brigman character who says this:

"You remember that time, you were pretty drunk, you probably don't remember... but the power went out at the old apartment, the one on Orange Street... and we were staring at that one little candle, and I said something really dumb like that candle is me, like every one of us is out there alone in the dark in this life... and you just lit up another candle and put it beside mine and said "No, see? That's me. That's me..."

Very atmospheric tune, think it's circa 1994-1995/96 perhaps? The sample starts off at the star of the track and is almost akin to the sounds of Big Bud. The sad thing is, I had this track a few months back, cannot remember the name of the tune and then my Mac decided to die on me!

The tune can be heard here at timecode 52:45 -

Any help would be spot on as it's such a bad tune!
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