1. DeeGun

    Majistrate & Eksman - Studio Mix (2009)

    1. Bad Company - Bullet Time (Spor Remix) 2. Interface - Get Low 3. Crystal Clear - Bangers & Mash 4. Pleasure - December 5. Original Sin & Taxman - Seen 6. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Junglist (Remix) 7. Vital Elements - High Impact 8. Majistrate & Nicol - Untouchables 9. Modified Motion -...
  2. DeeGun

    Low Down Deep - Dominator Tribute Show

    Flat T b2b Telekom b2b Lady V-Dubz K-Motionz b2b Subsonic b2b Complex with MCs Decoy and AC...
  3. BunDaTing

    DnB MC Toddlah and Majistrate XMAS Bash

    can someone ID this tune @20:20 please!
  4. BunDaTing

    DnB Logan D b2b Majistrate w/ Eksman & Evil B WESTFEST 2016

    anyone got the tracklist please
  5. M

    can i get a review on this track please - jump up

  6. Large Marge

    Large Marge - 2015 JUMP UP MEGAMIX

    a whole bunch of jump up tunes I liked from this year crammed into just over 20 mins Two Twisted - Grave Diggers Ego Trippin - Reach Deep Complex - Crazy Cops Heist - Lollygag Dub Berzerka - Human Remains Zodiac - Jelly...
  7. M

    JUMP UP MINI MIX by me, quality was bad on other one.

    Tracklist: Murko - JAWM Majistrate - Pick em out Heist - Moose Knuckle Turno - Badman nah beg fren Agro - Oh Baby Nu Elementz - Murda Dem DJ Guv - Drunken Style (VIP) Macky Gee - Seduction Nu Elementz - Murderah Heist - No escape v3 Murko - Forgive Me ignore crackles in first build my monitors...
  8. D

    old and new tunes

    yo guys just jumped onto the drum and bass scene into proper jump up e.g sub zero, majistrate, jayline etc need would like to know some of the "classics" old and new sick jump up tunes for my next mix which im gonna upload any tunes will help :) thanks for anyone who replies much appreciated!
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