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  1. Intense Records

    DnB 10% Off + Free Shipping - D&B/Jungle/Old Skool New Release Sheet - 14/02/20

    Check out the brand new titles added to the shop here and get 10% off your order with the code 'dnbforum' and take advantage of our new shipping deals: Free Shipping Offer Free UK Shipping on Orders over £30 Europe - £5 Shipping orders over £50 ROW - £15 shipping on orders...
  2. F

    High Contrast - If We Ever (Unglued Remix) - Released!

  3. F


    Saw this on twitter the other day, since been deleted. Makes me think someone at Hospital HQ has fucked up I think an email went out the other day too saying there's going to be 100 limited vinyl copies of this new single? I've heard it on the radio and heard a few djs batter this one out. Can...
  4. DeeGun

    Rinse FM - Hospital Records Show with Mullett and Royalston - 27th September 2017
  5. Chuck B

    DnB Just One Second at Hospitality In The Park

    London Elektricity Big Band played one of my favourite DNB tracks at Hospitality In The Park on Saturday - Just One Second. This is how they did it at last year's Hospitality In The Park 2016. It seems like this year's set was pretty similar. Here's another version from Parklife 2011. It...
  6. DeeGun

    Hospital Podcast 336 - London Elektricity

    Nu:Logic ‘Red Velvet’ Kid Drama ‘Payback’ S.P.Y ‘Get Up’ Whiney ‘Beyond Reach’ Crypticz ‘Forever’ Ethos ‘Acceptance’ Anile ‘Caveman Neil’ Nu:Logic ‘Driftwood’ (feat. Ed Thomas) Frame ‘Banana’ NU:Logic ‘Sepia’ (feat. LSB) Reso ‘Kodama’ Fracture ‘Your Time’ Physical Illusion ‘Oppression’ Hybris &...
  7. S

    signalsofsound May 2017

    Forgot to drop this here - Enjoy - I did. With pieces from the sharp, Homemadeweapons and MC Fokus EP – Crysalis, the Enei EP – Wolfpack, the first EP from S.P.Y - Alone in the Dark project and The forth EP release from The Vanguard Project on Spearhead. I've thrown in a couple from the...
  8. T

    DnB Rebs' YouTube Channel

    Hi all Have just signed up right now on here, so I hope this post is okay. I've recently got into dnb after being into House and Trance and the like back in the 90s & 00s. Basically got into dnb through playing Forza and listening to Hospital on the radio stations on the game. This then led...
  9. stupdnb

    My last mix : Liquid, soul, deep and jazz session By Arturo dnb

    All your comments and feed-back are welcome and interesting for me Here is my last mix, I regrouped all my favorite tracks of the moment. There are new and old tunes but always in an atmospheric, jazzy and deep style. Tracklist : 01. Silent Dust - 1959 (Calibre Remix) 02. Submorphics - Work...
  10. fademusic

    DnB Back to Me (ft. GLOWE) [Liquid]

    New liquid track up on my Soundcloud - check it out. Cheers, Matt
  11. A

    DnB Addictive Behaviour & Soul Trader Records Presents... ZERO T, ED:IT, GLXY, PHILTH, SATL, SUBDIVISION

    As 2016 comes to a close we are very excited to announce that Addictive Behaviour and Soul Trader Records will be teaming up on December 16th to bring you an eclectic mix of talent from each of the label's roster of artists. We are pleased to invite you to the heart of Dalston at the acclaimed...
  12. Midnight Sun

    Physics & Etherwood - Basso Radio - 2016/10/03

    Physics, Etherwood - Basso Radio - 2016/10/03 Physics: Break - Who Got da Funk LJHigh - Famous Like Bieber Dawn Raid - The Bartender Makoto - YGMYC Physics - What's Going On Bladerunner - Pulsar Stunna - Frozen Lake Modjo - Lady (Drum & Bass Bootleg) Physics - Day Dream Velocity - ...
  13. D

    logistics live cover

  14. djrogy

    DnB RogY - Liquid, Intelligent mix (with download link) or Hi guys! This is my hourly mix with most of liquid tunes. Played from cdjs and also a few tracks from turntable. I appreciate any feedback in advance. Hope you will...
  15. Villem

    Villem & Mcleod Present - NIGHT FLIGHT Drum & Bass Samples

    Ez crew, Sam (Mcleod) and I have made another pack, released today! Available to buy here: Included in this sample pack: 72 Breaks/Beats/Percussion Loops 56 Bass Hits & Loops 30 Fx Samples 34 Pads 35 Drum Hits...
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