1. D

    ID on track from Emperor set.

    This Emperor's set is from Future Beats with Emperor & AMC in Vienna Austria played on 12 of February of this year I'm looking for ID on all filth starting from 1:24 :) Thanks for all help provided!
  2. Critical Music


    We're back in London at venue Mangle Tickets are selling fast!- DICE.FM (no booking fee) // Resident Advisor ALL CRITICAL LINE UP!
  3. InReach

    Dispositions with Emperor

    Since their initial launch back in 2002, Kasra`s Critical Music has gone from strength to strength, climbing the ladder and now being recognised as the go-to for forward-thinking, technical drum and bass. Along the way the label has amassed an ever-impressive roster that provide us with the...
  4. pErFeCtIoN

    Emperor - Dispositions LP mixed by Maco42

    https://www.mixcloud.com/twisted_beats_show/emperor-dispositions-mixed-by-maco42/ Track Listing 1.Thunder ft MC Fats - Emperor 2.One Foot - Emperor 3.I Was - Emperor 4.Jounce - Emperor 5.Haste - Emperor 6.Foxholes - Emperor 7.Shapeshift - Emperor 8.From Ashes - Emperor 9.Infrasound - Emperor...
  5. S

    DnB I need the name of this song !!

    it's the song at 10:50,pls i trust you.......!:d
  6. Whompz


    Here's a new neurofunk freebie I put up the other day for me hitting 1,000 followers on soundcloud! Hope you all like it, feel free to leave any tunes you want listening to!
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