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Dispositions with Emperor


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Since their initial launch back in 2002, Kasra`s Critical Music has gone from strength to strength, climbing the ladder and now being recognised as the go-to for forward-thinking, technical drum and bass. Along the way the label has amassed an ever-impressive roster that provide us with the aforementioned technical goodness. One such producer high amongst the Critical ranks is the Yorkshire badman, Emperor.

Since he exploded onto the scene in around 2011/2012 we`ve seen a no-holds-barred whirlwind of cutting edge futuristic drum and bass released from the man. His signature style of bouncy yet rolling tech is becoming more and more recognisable and also his foray into other tempos and alias releases under the name 'Monuman' is more than worthy of note.

This month see`s him release his debut LP for Critical and its definitely his best work to date. From moody melodic numbers to his more aggressive technical sound, it certainly displays all the sides of Emperors musical mind.

We thought it only right to have a catch up with the man to get the low down on the LP and see what he`s been up to!

Emperor, how`s it going? Thanks for taking the time to speak to us here at In-Reach!

Read on: http://www.in-reach.co.uk/dispositions-with-emperor/