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  1. K

    Anyone know what the beef between Clayton Hardware & Friction is all about?

    seen him slating Friction in various FB postings...
  2. sotalex1

    DnB Sotalex summer 2017 promomix

    Check out my brand new promomix at (download link available) Tracklist: Metrik -We Got It (Ft. Rothwell) (S.P.Y. Remix)[Hospital Records] -> Lynx - In My Dreams (Ft. Hellrazor) [Detail Recordings] Calibre - Amen Tune ( Ft. Dj Marky) [ Signature] Carter & Salem - Iliza [Jazzsticks recordings]...
  3. P

    Icarus EP

    Check this out!
  4. P

    What is the first thing that comes into your mind about White?

    My grlfriend said ... Cloud .... I say Cocaine :D And this playlist ....
  5. B

    DnB How to make that Amoss, Fre4knc, Octane & DLR bass.

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for tips on how to make Amoss style bass, or anything along the lines of very subby bass sounds. Specifically looking to figure out how to make hollow bass sounds and sub with subtle harmonic. Would love to know: whats synths to use how process the second...
  6. Z-1

    DnB Need feedback and release advice!

    Looking for some general advice (see below) and feedback on these tracks. I have 6 tracks, like these, that are more or less finished... what should I do? Are these even close to "label" worthy. Or should I just throw them up on soundcloud and bandcamp and call it a day? Any thoughts...
  7. T

    DnB A signed DJ Hype 12"? :/

    Hey guys...new to the forum - just bought a couple of jungle records I found in dusty stacks at a record store in Amsterdam. When I came home I quickly realised that one had some special mark on it. It wasn't a label or a catalogue number, so i figured 'what if it's some kind of an...
  8. Free-G

    Black out Industry

    https://m.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Fvincent-stasolla%2Fblack-out-industry-1&h=DAQH-oTct&s=1 Here is a little track i did Hope u enjoy :)
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