Zuggi- The House That Never Sleeps Mix (Liquid/ Chill Out)


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The House That Never Sleeps

1. Matrix & Futurebound- Strength 2 Strength
>>> Hazard- Selector
>>> MIST- Outerspace
2. Chase and Status- Believe
3. London Elecktricity- Just One Second (Apex Remix)
4. SubFocus- Follow The Light
5. Micheal Jackson- Human Nature (Makoto & Specialist Remix)
6. Eric Pridz- Pjanoo (High Contrast Remix)
7. Chase and Status- Hurt You
8. Logistics- Cosmonaut
9. Deadmau5- I Remember (J Majik & Wickaman Remix)
>>> Ram Trilogy- Titan
10. SubFocus- Deep Space
11. Muffler- Hear Me Scream
>>> Commix- Be True

Total Time: 41:50

Link: http://www.dnbshare.com/download/liquid.mp3.html

One of my mates has just had a kid and they're getting hardly any sleep what so ever, so I sorta had a bit of inspiration to throw together a mix with more of a chilled out/ liquidy sort of sound compared to my usual Jump Up/ Dancefloor approach.

Mixing is pretty tight throughout, only problem i've heard listening back though it myself is that one of my needles is slightly dodgy, but on the whole the mix is pretty solid and is definately worth a listen.

Feedback would be really appreciated.​