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The Livest Guy Mix:

Mainly Jump up for this one, been mixing for pretty much a year now so I figured Id record a set to showcase where im pretty much at now with my mixing, track selection etc. and with the exception of two songs the majority of this is pretty solid (I wouldn't of uploaded it had I thought it was too clangy).

Any Feedback would be appreciated!


1. Fresh- Hypercaine
>>> Ram Trilogy- Titan
>>> Andy C- Nightflight
2. Deadmau5- Ghost n' Stuff (Sub Focus Remix)
3. Culture Shock- Kronix
4. J Majik & Wickaman- Fleshwound (G Dub Remix)
5. Original Sin- Dr. Feels Good
6. Dillinja- Shiners
7. Original Sin- 8 Figure Bass
8. Xample- Get Out Clause
9. DJ Vapour- Paper Cuts
10. Sub Focus- Flamenco
11. Sigma- El Presidente VIP
12. Fresh- Heavyweight
13. Clipz- Download (Original Sin Remix)
>>> Ed Rush & Optical- Bacteria (Pendulum Remix)

Link: The Livest Guy Mix