Drum & Bass Zuggi MTA Summer Mix Competition


Circles are Pointless
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Ez all, entered the MTA Summer competition series, teeny bit over the hour mark but hoping that doesnt come back to haunt me too much, tried to incorporate a nice blend of everything, rollers, movers, some darker stuff bit of liquid vibes etc, the comp itself will be judged but also accounts all likes, plays and comments, so would really appreciate it if peeps could give this a listen, post some feedback and spread if they like the sound of things.

I know I'm going up against forum favourite Danwell too, but I figure you've gotta be in it to win it, so yeah, smash the like button!

Recorded on three decks, all vinyl and a Xone 92.



Andy C- The Haunting
>>>Loadstar- Hit The Ground
Mob Tactics- Grotbags
>>>I Kamanchi- Its a Trap
Wickaman, Hoodlum, Mavrik- One Scratch
>>>Origin Unknown- Lunar Bass (Commix Remix)
Hamilton- F*ck it Up
Ebony Dubsters- Power of Ra
>>>Die- Slown Burn
Spinline- Run
Critical Impact- The Illa Ft. Jakes
SPY- Xenomorph
Break- Steam Train
Ed Rush & Optical- Chub Rub
>>>Hazard- Air Guitar
Dimension- Basilica
Hamilton- Brain Storm
Chords- Biting Point
>>>High Contrast- If We Ever
Culture Shock- Troglodyte
Netsky- Primsa
Dirtyphonics- The Secret
>>>Ram Trilogy- Milky Way
Loadstar- Bomber
>>>BTK- Megahertz
Audio- Headroom VIP
>>>G Dub- Tink Ya Bad
Sub Focus- Timewarp
Total Science- Nosher (Marky and SPY Remix)
Unknown Error- Rising Ft. Janine Small
>>>Ram Trilogy- Titan
Logistics- Cosmonaut
Sub Focus- Follow the Light
>>>Rene LaVice- Perfect World
Dimension- Synth City
Wilkinson- Midnight
Loadstar- Dr. Karg (Ality Remix)
>>>MIST- Outerspace
Sub Focus- Deep Space
>>>Original Sin- Seen
Lenzman- Broken Dreams
>>>Maldini & Vegas- True Romance
>>>Logistics- Colourwheel



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Pure gold that video :D

Anyways had a listen yesterday, enjoyed the mix, some really nice blends in there (One Scratch >> Lunar Bass RMX, The Illa >> Xenomorph, Rising >> Titan or Broken Dreams >> Colourwheel), must say I've prefered it when you were going for some deep tunes in the mid section and in the end of the mix but yeah, overally it was quality and technically pretty much spot on, props for including Slow Burn, love that tune :) Gave you a fav, good luck in the comp bro!


Circles are Pointless
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Yeah my vinyl collection is getting a bit stale at the minute, listening to more deeper/ darker side of things but with the price of vinyl Im struggling to keep on top of the fresh bits :/I need to get on the Traktor flex tbh. But yeah glad you gave it a spin dude! Started listening to your mix tonight and will finish it tomorrow sometime, tracklisting is looking like its got nice variety in there (y) Good luck to yourself n all!