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Right Then, First mix I've uploaded for the Forums,

Recorded this yesterday to show my mates how I'm progressing at mixing, Been at it now for about 6-7 months now (All Vinyl), So im still not perfect so there is the odd clang here and there (I had a Nightmare with 'Take Me Away', I apologise for the Clang of all Clangs, makes me cringe each time I hear it), but on the whole its not all that bad, if I may say so myself.

Any Feedback would really be appreciated, theres a couple things I've already noted myself for the next mix I do, but any outsider comments would be awesome.


1. Charlie Ft. Killa Hurt- Love Games
>>> Ram Trilogy – Titan
2. Sub Focus – Swamp Thing
3. Ram Trilogy – Asylum
>>> Bad Company – The Nine
4. Xample – Lowdown
>>> Die & Clipz – Work It Out (Dub)
5. Sigma – El Presedente Vip
>>> Ed Rush, Fierce & Optical – Alien Girl
6. Sub Focus – Druggy
7. Xample – Keep Their Heads Ringing
8. Original Sin – 8 Figure Bass
9. Dirtyphonics Ft. Tali – The Secret
>>> Ram Trilogy – Milky Way
10. Futurebound – Dawn Treader
11. Nu:Tone – Balaclava
12. Chase and Status – Take Me Away
13. Tc Ft. Sub Focus – Borrowed Time Vip
>>> Lomax – Artisan Vip
14. James Doman – Everythings Gonna Be Alright (J Majik and Wickaman Remix)
>>> Krust – Warhead (Tc Remix)
>>> Bad Company – Planet Dust

Link: http://www.dnbshare.com/download/01ItHangsOnTheFloor.wma.html

Oh and the title of the Mix came from something a Mate of mine said while he was describing a Table while he was Ketted off his face. :teeth:
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