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Recorded my first ever Live Mixlr session and it didn't seem to go too badly, couple hiccups along the way but all done on the spot, no planning at for this one which is a rarity for me, admittedly theres fair few mixes in there which I know sound good together already, but a lot of it was still drawing and hoping ('Set it off' & 'Mind Killer' went together so much better than I realised lol) so for my first live stream I'm definitely happy with the outcome, plenty of tunes in the 50 minutes I played for, more of these to come in the future for sure- And I was pretty Baked when I recorded this, so I kept it chilled and simple with the good old two turntable business aha :D


1. Eric Pridz- Niton [Sigma Remix]
>>> Fresh- Signal
>>> Original Sin- Cheater Cheater
2. Ram Trilogy- Asylum
>>> Mickey Finn & Aphrodite- Badass
3. Culture Shock- Vice Chase
4. Sin & Mutated Forms- Talk to Me
5. Friction & K-tee- Set it off
6. Andy C & Shimon- Mind Killer
7. Wilkinson- Tonight
>>> D-Bridge & Vegas- True romance
8. White Label- ???
9. Original Sin- Phantasm
10. Loadstar- Bomber
11. The Prototypes- Habitation
12. MIST- Outerspace
13. Dirtyphonics- Vandals
>>> Zinc- Nexx
14. Mind Vortex- Nows the Time
>>> Total Science- Nosher (Baron remix)
15. Sigma- El Presidente VIP
16. Culture Shock- Troglodyte
17. Commix- Satellite Type 2
18. Chase & Status Ft. Subfocus- Flashing Lights (SPY Remix)
>>> Spy & Kasra- Surface
19. Kove- Iodine
20. Nu:Tone- Balaclava
21. Marky & SPY- Mystic Sunset
>>> Logistics- Together VIP
>>> Ram Trilogy- Titan

Any feedback would be wicked, really haven't a clue what I was doing when cueing in 'Tonight' before anybody points that gaff out! :teeth:

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Circles are Pointless
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Shameless self bump.

I've been on here like 4 years now and still these mixes go under the radar- is my taste in tracklistings that poor? :teeth: