Zero T- Little Pieces LP – Interview


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Sep 30, 2012
Dispatch Recordings have blitzed 2018 with their releases so far, and they are far from done. With plenty more to come from this big label in the form of singles and albums, Dispatch have released the first LP of the year with one of their most dependable and versatile artists - Zero T.

We will have a rundown of his 'Little Pieces' long player on the site soon, and take it from us, its a good one!
Luckily we managed to catch some time with Zero T during his busy schedule to answer some questions for us!

A big thank you for taking time out to do a quick Q&A, I know it must be a busy time right now!

So it’s been near enough 3 years since the Golden Selection LP, which also came out on Dispatch to critical acclaim, and was staple of many a set during those years; you must have been pleased with the response it got?

Definitely! I had been quiet for a while before that album came out, so it was both a pleasure and a relief that it went down so well.

Let’s now talk about ‘Little Pieces’; was the title track the catalyst for this LP and what was the concept you had for the album?

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