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aka Zero Beats
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Oct 2, 2008
South London
Two things

Bit of a WIP DnB tune at the moment. Quite a long intro but I have tried to get lots of different sounds in and vary it up to keep it interesting.

It's the 3rd tune down on the player: (myspace)

feedback would be good

Secondly I have just had a new great myspace designed by Chloe, so have a look!

cheers guys!
It sounded alright. Didn't pick up too much to comment on the production. The over-all feel of the tune made me look back rather than forward. Nothing wrong with that tho.
Good work.
That track has a lot of potential!
Im feelin the intro up untill that vocal came in, kinda thru me off it a lil might be out of key but im not too familiar with keys etc to be certain, the rise at the breakdown was a bit misleading could of done with something a lil better for the transition but all your ideas gel well its just it kinda falls into the drop a lil too easy, maybe less elements of the drop need to be removed from the breakdown, a complet silence or a filtering out of all the noises followed by a kick n snare might give the drop more impact imo
For some reason i was expecting a reece to come in but might be the amount of dark stuff ive been listenin to recently.....
I can tell u know wat ur doin as all the emelments in the tune sounded good my only beef lies with your drums, they seemed a bit clouded in the mix the pads an other elements seemed alot louder (at the drop).
Keep at it tho man good work!
P.s Chloe has done a fuppin amazing job! love her artwork gal' got SKIIIIIIIIIILZ!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Cheers for the feedback guys.

As I say it's still a WIP at the moment, and I think your right about the mix down of the drums.

I think I had just heard it so much I wanted to take a step back and get some opinions on it to refresh me a bit!
love the myspace design mate... I am a graphic designer and I am utterly impresed with chloes job!!!

Regarding the music... I cannot wait to hear the mastered version of this: it really has "danceability" attached to it! :D

I think that what will either push this forward or keep it as an "it could have been" will be how the beat progresses... This is a WIP so it is difficult to know how much work you plan on doing here, but my suggestion would be to try to isolate the beats, and if you still feel like dancing to the solo beats, you are right on track! :D

But again, fantastic site and a song with possibilities, good luck mate!
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