DnB Zero Beats - Leaving Here

Hey Zero, not bad. If you want my opinion: I would work on the drums a lil bit, the kick kind of disappears in the mix. Id also work on the sub a bit, maybe switch up the pattern or just work on the sound of it, so it doesnt get to repetitive (as its only a 2 key progression atm). some mastering would do it good.
Anyway, those are just my 2 cents, i think your song has potential! Keep at it :)
have to agree with points about the drums they are very quiet and leave nothing to nod your head to. the music is awesome though tbh, can't fault any of the musical elements
Nice one for the feedback guys.

I was thinking of changing up the sub, it is pretty basic at the moment. I did try a few different patterns with it but they just sounded wrong. There is a slight sidechain on the kick at the moment to try and make it cut through a bit more, but I'll take more of a look into the drums as a whole to try and get it sounding better.

One of the things I always found hard about producing when I used to do it was the more musical side and melodies, so that was main aim with this track and getting back into it.
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