z.Electric - Sun Up

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    Big ups for this track , sounds really cool, especially the part with the guitar around two minutes! but at 50 sec and around 3:50 I would let the break fade in a little earlyer and slowlier, it comes a bit sudden..
    Really cool vocals , respect for the lyrics ! a few moments the vocals could maybe be a little bit tighter to the beat if you know what I mean , but I'm not going to start bitching about that :)
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    Piano intro sounds really nice, kick drum is peaking a bit by sounds of it when it comes in

    didnt like the way the drums came in and stopped again like that

    The drums could have come in a bit more subtly too

    vocal is ok, not really my thing, sounds a bit bland too maybe some brighter eq and some more verb on it

    Breakdown sounds kool ilike this bit

    Drop is weird how that break drops in and out at the beginning of drop?

    Good effort tho, the piano lick in this is lush man

    could be really good tune, sometimes the drums skip a bit too much too

    i think uve tried to over complicate it, maybe making it roll off more and be more simpistic it would benefit

    good effort man
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    Mar 26, 2009
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    Thanks zeal and Kibon for the feedback. We've put another mix together, taking on board some of what you're said:


    Drums should be a bit less "jumpy" now
    Rap vocals have a brighter EQ
    Female vocal sample swapped for another that was less pitchy (flat)
    Added an overall EQ of 10khz +3db to 'gliss' the mix
    I thnik the break dowsn't drop in and out so much now, althugh it does still at least once, just to give it some flavour. . . (i don't like repeating stuff too much... maybe this doesn't fit with the genre... call it artisitic lisence)
    Swapped the intro kick for a 'softer' sample. It might still be peaking though...
    Did some overall level adjustments, to most of the mid-frequency instruments (piano, vocals, guitar, synth)...

    There might be some other changes too, but that's the bulk of them.
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