Your worst rave experience ?


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Nov 29, 2009
London's Home/Bournemouth's Uni
I got a good one, probably the most hectic, scary and in a strange way entertaining night of my life, not strictly a d&b rave but it was a club and they dropped some drums so fuck it. We were in Brazil traveling through South America, in this beach side town called Florianopolis (we were actually staying in a small surf town near it) which isn't supposed to be all that sketchy, but this is in comparison to the rest of Brazil so take that how you will.

Anyway, we get absolutely battered in the pool looking out at a sunset over a bay, munching good food, swinging in hammocks and generally living the life. Eventually get a hostel minibus to this club about 12 and by this point I'm absolutely steaming, as are my mate and the 2 aussie guys we were jamming with. In the bus on the way the driver tells us all these instructions about where and when to meet him to get back to the hostel (a good 20 miles), and also something about going straight to this place and NOT wandering about the area as there's a favela nearby so it can get sketchy. We all nod in agreement, not listening to a single word he says.

Club ends up being pretty shit, but we drink lots and generally have jokes so we're all in high spirits towards the end. Then I somehow end up with this Brazilian girl and we go outside to the beach blah blah blah. Then her mates come find her and they've gotta go which is obviously disappointing, but onwards and upwards. I still have no idea if she was some sort of bait for what happened next, but a good half hour passed between the two so I'd like to hope not.

So I'm wandering around, not being able to get back into the club and with no idea of the meeting point. I generally find that when I'm drunk and lost if I just walk, things will work out ok. So I did. But then this scruffy looking Brazilian kid comes up to me saying 'money' and holding out his hands. I've got about £10 in my wallet and £15 in my sock but he's a good head smaller than me and probably about 17 so I don't think much of it (you get a lot of people out there asking you for money) and say no. But then when I try to walk away, he jumps in front of me and says 'Money!' again, so I just push past him again.

This carries on a few times with both of us getting more and more aggravated, until I just more forcefully push past him and get about 5 feet away (I'm in no state to make any sort of running maneuvers by the way). He runs in front of me again, repeats 'Money' and just as I'm about to say no, he stops looking at me and looks down towards his right hand next to him, I follow his eyes and there's a dodgy looking revolver in his hand that he's just whipped out. Fuck. I have no way of knowing if the guns real but I can't exactly ask him to examine it. It crosses my battered mind to try and hit him or something for a second, but then I realise how much of a shit idea is so just put my hands up and let him go through my pockets (he can see my wallet through my jeans). He takes my wallet and runs off.

Ok great, I've been robbed by a kid with a gun, but he's got fuck all of importance other than one debit card (had another at the hostel) and my driving license, so it's not the end of the world, and it can't get worse can it?

Wrong. I've missed the minibus and that £15 in my sock isn't enough for a cab (fairly expensive area of Brazil). It's about 3am and I'm pretty sure there's no buses for a long time, so I go down to the beach in search of somewhere to sleep. I go under this pier kinda thing and crash there for a bit, but then I wake up to the sounds of people and see loads of Brazilian boys about 20 meters away looking sketchy. Beaches are renowned for being dodgy after dark so I get out of there sharpish and wander towards what looks like the town center. I go down the side of a hotel just looking for somewhere to sleep, but it's fucking freezing cold (our summer, their winter) so when I see a toilet for a hotel porter/security guard thing I think I've lucked out and lock myself in there, using a security guards uniform that's hanging on the back of the door as a blanket haha.

I crashed out haaaard and woke up to a massive banging on the door, check my watch (no phone in this whole situation as we didn't take any phones on the whole trip) and it's 7:30am. So I sheepishly open the door and there's two big scary security guards with battons shouting at me in Portuguese, a language I know fuck all of cos we've only been in Brazil 5 days. As I try to explain I'm English and very sorry they throw me against the wall, spin me round and lock my arms behind my back with a batton, then take me out to the front of the hotel and I see one of them calling the police. So by this point I'm crushed and literally just at the end of my tether, thinking I'll be banged up in some Brazilian jail.

The police come and speak no English at all so, in trying to explain I was robbed and the story in my basic Portuguese I make gun fingers and hold them to my temple as if to say 'I was robbed by a guy with a gun'. But at this point they start getting maaajorly aggro and I realise they think I'm threatening them with a gun symbol in some way. So I quickly just say no no sorry sorry loads of times as they start to get a bit rowdy, not actually beating me up but just throwing me about a bit. This is all pretty hazy as I was still steaming, but I eventually managed to get the message across that I wasn't threatening them and was sorry, and had been robbed, at which point one of them simply goes 'Cerveca?' (beer? in Portuguese) so I say yes, I've been drinking. At this point they seem to realise I'm just a poor, drunk, lost foreigner and in true style just throw me back onto the pavement and speed off.

So I get a bus back to the hostel, get there for about 10am looking an absolute mess expecting everyone to be up looking for me. But no they're all fast asleep.

Brool story I know.


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Jun 3, 2009
Talking about whole grams in a night.
First time I ever did MD I ate the whole wrap / bindle. (had to bite it in to two bits to wash the fucker down)
Well, I stood in the crowd in room 2 for about 5 mins before I realised what I had just done was a BIG mistake.

10 mins later I was in the medical room getting some serious paramedic action! ahaha washed me down with some cool cloth as I remember.
Then he just let me and my mate loose again in fabric in a mega confused gurning state.

The comeup was so horrendous I would deffo say that was my worst rave experience! I went from 0 to my tshirt soaking in sweat in like 10 mins.

You cant be a pokemon trainer if you do drugs!
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