"your sister" vip mix

dj ekim

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Mar 8, 2009

your sister mix

unsoundbwoy-what i am longing for

the archangel-king without a crown

j bostron- arise

vic vega- tones for bones vip

clip and carbine- shottas dub

njoy- my song to her

unsoundbwoy- every day theres a bootleg

nondeskripk- we dont need

unsoundbwoy- land down under

the archangel- selassie

tester- cant tell me nothing rmx

vick vega- show me how to cry rmx


the archangel- coca cola rmx

jbostron- i dont know

njoy-between hearts

tester- collie buddz blind to you rmx

there is a collection of music that is not heard simply because it isnt put on a major label and some over rated production dinosaur didnt make it. the best jungle is not going to be on the latest dieselboy cd, it comes from the underground. heres the proof.

this is a collection of unreleased tracks that are some of the hottest out there.

jungle is unlike any other genre in the fans that it posesses, i hope that never changes

vic vega- urban anarchy recordings
( www.urban-anarchy.com / www.myspace.com/vicvega247 )

the Archangel-Celestial Conspiracy
(www.gravegroove.com / www.ragga-jungle.com)

j bostron
(www.myspace.com/djbostron / www.myspace.com/onefootskankin / www.baddogjungle.info)

tester- trilogy sound crew
( www.trilogysoundcrew.com / www.myspace.com/trilogysoundcrew )

unsoundbwoy- more recordings
( http://www.croakinglizard.com / www.myspace.com/unsoundbwoy )

njoy- urban anarchy recordings
(www.urban-anarchy.com / njoy life entertainment)



clip and carbine - Amerikana , Hum Fi Drum
( www.myspace.com/clipandcarbine )

aladdin sane

Jan 15, 2009
right behind you
pretty solid mix, rolls nicely, liking it!
few tunes not feeling so much, land down under gets a bit cheesy, same as the kanye west tune but thats a personal preference. Loving the other unsoundbwoy tunes and Archangels stuff though, coca cola remix especially! (y)

what are you mixing your mp3s on?

dj ekim

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Mar 8, 2009
i do all of my cd mixes on the pioneer decks.

as far as the tracks, i know what you are saying but you got to mix it up. if you notice there are not really two tracks that sound the same. the sounds are different on the 2 tester tracks, the unsoundbwoy tracks are different etc etc. i put this out thinking that i wanted to do the exact same thing that i do out live. i dont spin out sticking to one exact genre so why put out a mix that way?

im the type that if you have your cd hittin only one way its going to get changed.

thanks for the love for sure.

need more feedback guys

much love
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