Your oldskool tune of the day

^^^^^^^^I played this tune over and over again when I had my copy of Logical Progression. So good^^^^^^^^^

Having been brought up across the pond (USA); I missed out on the pirate radio era. I was listening to a recording of Fantasy FM circa 1990 and heard this gem from Rebel MC. If that was 1990, this tune was ahead of its time.

Don't know what genre this is, but I first heard this on a WUSR show back in late '95 (maybe early '96, can't remember). One of my friends went to Scranton U. and would bring back recordings of their local radio station. I was surprised to hear a whole hour of techno and drum 'n bass. It was that time period when I started hearing jungle/drum'nbass remixes of alternative/grunge songs. There was a lot of that on those tapes. Unfortunately, those tapes are probably residing in a landfill somewhere [like so many tapes of that time :(].
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