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This is a different kind of concept mix that I’ve never made before, made entirely of productions by three different people: myself (now in DC), TVG Hates TVG from Irvine, and Ibunshi from Sweden. Over the last eight or nine months I have been collaborating with both of these guys separately and I thought it would be fun to put all our sounds into a mix together. This mix contains several solos from each artist, and then a bunch of mutual remixes and a couple collaborations. The sounds range from drumfunk to half-time, from experimental to atmospheric. While we all sound pretty different from each other, what we have in common are variety in drum patterns, dark/meancholy atmosphere, and subtly of sound effects. I feel like this is a good mix for the iPod or at home, or the beginning or ending of a show. If you like these qualities in your dn’b and you want to hear a bunch of tracks you haven’t heard before, give it a listen. Actually, some of these tracks I’ve posted before but most of them are new.
Get it here:

1.) (Intro) Unnatural Melody - Indidjinous
2.) A Day Without Caffeine - TVG Hates TVG
3.) Clean Cut - Indidjinous
4.) Mantis (TVG Hates TVG remix) - Indidjinous
5.) Mantis - Indidjinous
6.) Obfuscated - TVG Hates TVG
7.) Melt (Indidjinous remix) - Ibunshi
8.) Dead Ringer - Indidjinous
9.) These Ugly Thoughts - TVG Hates TVG
10.) Feral - Indidjinous
11.) Melt - Ibunshi
12.) In Through the Shadow - Indidjinous
13.) Dissect - Ibunshi
14.) Half-Breed - Ibunshi & Indidjinous
15.) Rusted Instruments - TVG Hates TVG
16.) Vaporz - Indidjinous
17.) Wasting Away on a Seaweed Farm (Indidjinous remix) - TVG Hates TVG
18.) Deadwoods - Ibunshi
19.) Subversive - Ibunshi & Indidjinous
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