You know you're old when:

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    1) Your neighbours piss you off by partying till 1 am - though their rock music is tolerable (drinking beer).


    2) Your neighbours piss you off by starting again at 6 am listening to house (by now out of their heads on MDMA!)


    3) You stand on your balcony shouting at them at 7 am and telling them to fuck off to an after club!


    4) Your elderly neighbours who you terrorized with your dnb, support you!


    The kids above me at are not so bad (as I was) but my tolerance for loudness has slipped since I've stopped partying. I used to really make my neighbour's lives a misery with my [​IMG] x 2 and dnb back in the day. I don't what they're playing off but they're definitely not a pair of my bad boys (they made the building shake!)

    Heaven forbid I ever call the police!

    Then I'll be not only old but also a knob! :rowley:

    I'm moving out in six months to a very large flat where I shouldn't have any neighbour trouble.
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    haha! oldie! :teeth:

    when one of the kids in the class you are teaching tells you they were born in 1999... then you realise they were being serious.

    seriously 1999 feels like yesterday...
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    I can't fathom the audio trauma I have put neighbours through, although they were usually neighbours of mates to tell the truth.
    Nothing like a combo of good drugs and youthful exuberance to make you invincible I say! (y) Although I can easily end up in the same state nowadays if you 'forced' me
    I can see why it pisses you, with a child on the way, being an old fart etc :mad: I think we've all been there