Drum & Bass You are subscribed to this thread How do you decide which headphone to purchase?

These are the kinds of songs that I listen:
The brand name that I'll be looking for is Sennheiser.

The questions:
  • In which category do these songs fall in?
  • How do you decide which kind of music will be better served by which kind of headphone?
  • What do you look for in a headphone before purchasing?

I previously owned Sennheiser PMX 200. Its coil broke off. It wasn't too comfortable since it was a neckband type. This time I'll prefer a headband.

  • The input device I have: iPod Nano 4th Gen.
  • The budget is <= $90.

I have heard that Sennheisers do not have a good amount of "bass" in their headphones.
I have no idea what does that mean and how does that effect the songs.

This will be used while traveling in bus, so I would like to have a noise cancellation feature.

I looked here
http:// www.amazon.co.uk/Sennheiser...QN180"]Sennheiser HD215 Closed Back Headphone,
but I am not sure if this is what I want!

See what people are talking about this headphone:
When they arrived, I noticed the bass was lacking a bit, but it's taken me a couple of weeks to realise just how bad it really is. It's virtually non-existant.
In what kind of songs do we "require" BASS?

Most importantly, the technology is fundamentally flawed. The counter-noise produced by active noise cancellation headphones naturally blocks out some of the music you actually want to hear. Therefore, the sound quality of these headphones is usually second-rate.
Does this problem apply to this HD 215 too?
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WOW. Why in the fuck do you post here and ask us about this? And why have you researched this so IN DEPTH if you don't know about bass? If you haven't studied frequencies, equalisation or about musical technology overall why have you gone this in depth I just can't compute.

Just... Just test headphones with music you listen and your ipod and see which ones sound the best and yet has a good price that's my advice.


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Just... Just test headphones with music you listen and your ipod and see which ones sound the best and yet has a good price that's my advice.
Wrong wrong wrong, you gotta bring microphones and an oscilloscope into the headphones store with you. How else will you accurately measure the BASS


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if you just wanna listen to tunes and have nuff bass then spend 50 quid on some closed cups with a bass boost & you'll have bassy bus journey whilst your fellow bus takers know none the less.

read the amazon reviews, they will probs help. peace peace
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