Yo Yo! Knowledge Got It Wrong!


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mesh said:
your first point - true, but yes the region codes are a bitch in a global scenee and DVD walkmans arent quite de rigeur yet are they?
Or are they? :oops:
Plus some people still like to read text the old fashioned way.

your second point- entirely possible
Just one small point... You can create region-free DVDs INCREDIBLY easily, you just don't encode the .vob files with Macrovision or a CSS code, and you're sorted. Burn to DVD, and distribute worldwide. 8)

If you're gonna put encoded video onto the CD-ROMs, don't use DivX - use XViD (it's faster and I think a little better quality - and it's OPENSOURCE which is nice). I'd also bundle ffdshow on the CD, as you can use that to play MPEG-4, DivX AND XViD videos through just the one filter, which rocks.