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    yes yes every body just sayin a quick hi coz im a new guy im feelin this sites input on the old skool front thoe theres sum very generous people posting sum rare tapes n that god bless them all. im here coz i havent got any tapes left out of the millions i recorded back inda day just about 1 0r 2 the most i have left now lol and it sickens my soul man cha lol so i was so happy when found sum de bout pun line i was well shocked. wot i dont c alot of the old skool posters posting about is sum 1989 1990 1991 radio n rave tape selection well i have but only a few oi the era,s selection is baaad i tell u very ruff early sounding stuff i luv it i was proper young 2 then so please can u nice guy old skool posters post up sum more of that era,s stuff if u have sum coz its wickid proper havein it hardcore so i need MORE MORE MORE please man rufff............:sniper:
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    Big up mate, nice to see someone saying thank you for all the effort! :)

    Oh, and welcome!