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Having just spent 2 months working on a track with a mate, and basically going round in circles, he has finally got the measssage taht certain sounds either make the basis of a track, and it all falls into place around that sound, or (Like I kept saying) you have to drop teh sound, keep the good bits and find other samples to work around !!! SO what I'm saying is in genral, if it doesn't fall together in 2 hours, it probably isn;t worth taking further without a rethink....what do you lot reckon ?


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working together can be such a bitch, you have to be able to take whatever the other guy made and do what ever the fuck with it, sample it, cut it, filter it, or just delete it, if its like 'i made this and you cant touch it cos i made it and it might sound shit but i wont admit it cos i made it i made it i made it awawawawaw i made it' then theres no fucking point to carry on less you get it right the first time.


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I agree that if a sound doesn't fall together in around 2 hours then you should drop it and move on, but don't let that stop you from producing with your mates. Just let him (or her) know your standards and rules or if it is a track they are taking responsibility for, understand and respect their rules. That sounds kinda cheesey and it is a bitch workin with other folks, but i do it anyway because combining styles and genres is so amazing.



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It is true that if the idea you are working on does not do it for you and it ain't vibing then scrap it but i would say 2hrs?:mrpanic: thats a bit premature to be scrapping anything. After all there has always got to be something in the track worth developing even if it is just the synth you like or just the break. I have got some of my best sounds from not scrapping tracks early (but the track itself as a whole was still shit!!!!)
And working with other people is a very difficult thing to manage, personally i make tunes with loadsa people but it does take a lot of give an take, you have to get rid of all notions of ego and also remember that it is still a fun thing and not get wrapped up in personal issues of "my idea is the best" or "i know more" ( not saying you as in you personally that is just the general "you")

i just noticed you said "without a rethink", so yes 2hrs is a good time for rethinking stuff!! DUH to me who can't read!!!