Xtrah - (Set the) Levels


Dec 26, 2011
Anyone heard this? Its either levels or set the levels and I cant find anything about it anywhere? Foreign concept dropped it last month and kasra dropped it a couple weeks ago. Its huge! Im pretty sure thats the name, it does have some vocal in it i think, i was supporting both artists so had a cheeky look at the cds after they were played, shouldve asked for more info on it.
This is big...isit going to be backed with soundclash kasra? any audio for that? I want to hear what xtrah & FC are working on atm too..both are my favourite producers at the moment

I want to hear what xtrah & FC are working on atm too..

got a feeling it could be the tune at 3.51. sounds huuge

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oh no wait... thats emperor - ???
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getting sick of people saying "too many MC's on dnb tracks"
fair play it's been getting done a lot recently but this track is fucking massive, and the way the drops follows on from the lyrics is perfect.
anybody know when that "Feeling like bukky ranks forced to retaliate-ate-ate-ate-ate" tune is coming out? think it's by shiba/sheba?
just adds another layer to a good tune imo
its by a guy called shiver... its a tune... dunno about release though think its coming out on 30th of april on vanguard records question everything ep
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