Xplasm - Mutagen


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Dec 3, 2010
Oslo, Norway
I don't know if you're actually going for a polyrhythmic experience here, but is everything out of synch in this track? Sounds a bit like it's made from one of those "construction kits" you can download off Musicradar et al..


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May 1, 2010
first of all everthing is too loud. If a particular element of a track is too quiet bring the other parts of the song down to its level, don't bring it up.

Mute everything apart from the drums and have a listen to them, does it sound like a track that could be released on a label, if not what about it is not right. IMO your kick is quite flat, so your nt getting any punch at the beggining of eat bar, this helps dnb to move along a lot better. After that get a nicer punchier snare, or at least layer what you've got now with some low end snares, make sure you eq each sound so that you remove its unwanted elements. Add more percusiion there are much more drums on a drum kit that kick snare hi-hat.

Once you've done the drums you should work on the wobble, which no offence sounds a bit boring and unoriginal. The synth lines work well - ish, a bit bate.

It's not bad for an early attempt, but you still gotta explore each part of the song further and it definitely needs a lot more work. Definitely start with the drums then do bass then do lead, pads etc. Look on youtube for video tutorials and also the production section in this forum. Lemme know if you do anything else.
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