Xone 62 almost knackered.

Hey, my zone 62 is a couple of years old and in dire straights, I got it used to begin with. I've got a couple of channels acting flakey now and then, and one of the the left XLR outputs is dodgey the sound is slightly muffled, so I've resorted to outputting the live mix via the recording outputs. Couple of other niggles here and there, Not sure if I have the time to fix the issues myself so if anyone knows anyone in London who can give this a once over at a reasonable price? Otherwise I think I'm gonna flog it as faulty on ebay or something. Or if anyone fancies a repair job happy for someone to kick the tyres around and make an offer for it? Ps in london.
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Hello mate, Try mistanoize on here who can service them but not sure how much he would charge. Or you can go to a official service shop via Allen heath website. I called one just today and i was told they charge £62 plus VAT an hour just labour so you may well be looking at £250 plus for this. The faders are easy to change on the 62 and you can pick them up from Juno for about £22 each.

Places in West London are based in Ealing FYI