Xmas Mix 2015 - Liquid, Neuro, Dancefloor blend


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Haven't done a mix in a while but think the selection is on point. Comments/criticism welcome!


Jet Black - Dimension
>>Nightmare - Tantrum Desire
Headroom VIP - Audio
Hoax - Phentix
Rock It - Sub Focus
>>Beyond The Wall - Sigma
First of the Year - TC
>>Troglodyte VIP - Culture Shock
Menace (Mefjus Remix) - Camo & Krooked
Arabia - BMotion
>>Saturate - Mefjus
Get Low - Enei
>>I Need More - Misanthrop
Movin Fast (June Miller Remix) - Enei
Pop It Off - The Prototypes
The Giver (Reprise) (Dimension Remix) - Duke Dumont
Airplane - Sub Focus
Dustup - Noisia & The Upbeats
Move Faster - Dimension
>>Feel Your Pulse (Mind Vortex Remix) - Camo & Krooked
Take You Higher - Wilkinson
Workout - Andy C
>>Lighters - Sigma
What's Out There - Metrik
City of Gold - The Prototypes
>>Breathe (Dirty Mix) - DC Breaks
Your Love (Culture Shock Remix) - Moko
Love To Me - Dimension
Pale Blue Dot - The Prototypes
No Problem - Chase & Status
Subterrestrial VIP - The Prototypes
Gravity - Mind Vortex
Swag - DC Breaks
Time Tripping - DJ Hazard
Tectonic - Technimatic
>>Steam Machine - Culture Shock
Faded (Delta Heavy Remix) - Zhu
Climax - Camo & Krooked
Away - Frankee
Darkest Hours - Spor & Memtrix
Jungle Business - Enei & Eastcolors
Asteroids - Noisia & Prolix
Steam Train - Break
Kythera - Dawn Wall


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Finished this one now.
I found many of the blends busy and the drops too frequent. A case of more is less for me, a subject I was talking about in another thread.
It does get a bit better towards the end though except the chilled liquid end seemed out of place. Also the recording is pretty quiet.
I can see you haven't done a mix for a while so don't let these comment put you off, practise with feedback makes perfect :)