XLR8R Podcast 624: LEVL

William Stutter

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Jul 12, 2013
01. Babe Roots “Work Hard” (DB1 remix) (Echochord)
02. FLXK1 and DB1 “Transitions A2” (Hidden Hawaii)
03. DB1 “Late Night” (Molt)
04. LEVL “Arcola_#3” (Arcola)
05. LEVL “Nullpunkt_#4 (Nullpunkt)
06. DYL+DB1 “Uniformity of Nature” (Detach)
07. DYL+DB1 “Forma” (The Collection Artaud)
08. F&E “Thesis” (Nullpunkt)
09. F&E “Morast” (Nullpunkt)
10. LEVL “Nullpunkt #1” (Nullpunkt)
11. LEVL “Nullpunkt #3” (Nullpunkt)
12. Felix K “Deconstructor” (Nullpunkt)
13. Ed Rush & Nico “Neutron” (No U-Turn)
14. Jah Shaka “Real Dub” (Jah Shaka Music)
15. Forest Drive West “Num” (Nullpunkt)
16. Crossing Avenue “Santica” (Spazio Disponibile”
17. Double O “Straight 98 vip” (Rupture)
18. mM001 A “Unknown Amen” (Martianman Recordings)
19. Source Direct “The Cult” (Metalheadz)
20. Paradox “A Certain Sound” (Drumworkz VIP Mix Remix) (Renegade Hardware)

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