DnB Xiu - Break (Clip)


Nov 16, 2011

My last post for tonight actually my last finished tune : feedback is welcomed, there is room for improvement and there will be according to your advises.

10x, xiu

I don't have any advice to give on this, but just wanted to say I really liked this track. You have a really good sound going on, kind of minimal'ish and lots of ambience, but very heavy and a good energy at the same time. The basswork is wicked on this. Nice heavy sub and you get some really good movement out of it. Drumming too, lots of detail and interesting patterns going on. Well... everything about it I like :P

One small small thing I did notice however is that when the "We gonna break" vocal sample comes in, you can hear it sort of pop-in. Like I think there is mic air in the sample and you bring it in from an almost silent moment in the track so you kind of hear the sample start before the vocal actually kicks in.
Thanks for the feedback man. Tried to do smth about that vocal sample , but it was low quality from the start :) That's what happens when you don't spend some time searching for quality samples :D . Found some nice vocals for the tune i'm working on now . You will love them :)
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