Drum & Bass Xit 2013 tech dnb (skank nasti) D/L vinyl OG

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As We Look (Teddy Killerz & Malk rmx) - Sunchase & Nickbee
Hollow Moon - Cern
Cracker VIP - Enei, Eastcolours & Noel
Gravity - Octane & DLR
Pinch Me - Sabre & Cern
Watch Out (Enei Remix) - Eastcolors
True Enemies - Anile & Foreign Concept
Drop It (Optiv Remix) - BTK
Legion - Total Science & S.P.Y
Coopers Dream - Phobia & Jubei
Squaring The Circle - Phil Tangent
All Of My Love (Technicolour & Komatic remix) - LSB
Restitution - Phil Tangent
Overthinking feat. Sian Sanderson - LSB
Spring Back - Villem
Love So True - Break

Hey Wun-Tun / Xit, its worth putting a tracklist in your mix threads to generate some interest. Also True Enemies appears twice in the tracklist on your mixcloud page.

As We Look rmx was a wicked way to start the mix, but had to wait till the second half of the tune before Hollow Moon made its appearance. Would have been nice to hear the mix 64 bars after the first drop, but the double to the second part of As We Look rmx was pretty swish. Cracker vip eased in well from the second 32 bars in the second half of Hollow Moon & rolled a treat in the mix, just would have liked to here mix of the two tunes stay in for longer. Gravity's filthy hooks bounced well along with the rolling memorable riffs of Cracker rmx, but Gravity was 16 bars out (mixed in time, but out of sync / structure of the tune or mix) Most tunes are made up of 32 bar loops, where the tune changes slightly to denote the end. Pinch Me worked wonders with Gravity, with its pretty energetic high end drum rolls. That mix was sweet & my fav so far :) First members mix I have heard that tune in and same with Watch Out rmx, which contrasted Pinch Me when it came in a little way through the second part of Pinch Me. Would have preferred to hear it drop 128 bars previously if it was in sync or 132 bars where it dropped. If a tune has a long intro, mix it through the tune before's breakdown & try not to let the previous tune run right the way through its main second half.

True Enemies came in well, contrasting the steppy Watch Out rmx with some more rolling notes & drawn out bass. Second fav mix in there. Drop It rmx comes in 4 bars and should drop a few seconds before when True Enemies is winding down. Nice to hear Legion making into a mix again, which built well & dropped a treat when the vocal of Drop It rmx came back in. Third fav mix :) Also, nice one for putting Coopers Dream in the TL, used to batter The Fugitive time ago & need to start playing both sides of that again. Had actually forgotten what Coopers Dream sounded like :D Squaring The Circle eased in well with some similar rolling vibes, but I think the drop was slightly off. All Of My Love rmx made for a good mix with STC while the intro built, keeping in the drum beat of STC was a nice touch. Restitution vibed well off of AOML rmx & switch at the intro for it drop with full effect. Overthinking sat nicely the other side of AOML rmx for a similar LSC styled mix out of the aforementioned tune, and Sian's vocal working wonder in there. Spring Back was very nice to hear again (with its sprung bass), as a friend has this tune, but first members mix I have heard it in again. Already anticipating the mix with Love So True to be pretty sweet, as both that & Spring Back have distinctive hooks on the intro's. Would have liked to hear the double drop with Spring Back and Love So True, or let Love So True vip play a bit longer

Focus on where you start tunes from, as when they inevitably come come in, they should sit with the similar structure of the tune playing. If they are brought in in the wrong place, it makes the structure of the ride a little disjointed, even when the mix is in time. Most of the blends in your mix were wicked with the eq-ing pretty good & a nicely varied selection + fair play for using vinyl too. What make & modal decks do you have?

An alright mix in all man. Would appreciate if you could have a listen to my latest mix & let me know what you thought
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