xgncd001 - Exegene presents Noise Corrosion v1.0

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    "xgncd001 - Exegene presents Noise Corrosion v1.0"

    If you're interested in buying one of these beauts then drop us a mail at
    saying something like "aye, gimme that shit" or whatever.

    CD prices arent going to change on demand though. This is only to see demand. So we have a rough idea on how much interest there is.
    We haven't a final price yet.. but it's not going to be more than £8, that includes p&p! We dont really see the point in ripping people off.. £13 a CD is bollocks! All profit from the CD's are going back into making more CD's!

    The CD will have a mixture of sounds, all with that Exegene vibe... and will feature old and new tracks on the label, from The Destruction Process, Martsman, Paradigm X, Malevolent Wavelength, Salamandra, Alpha Omega, Psychodelic, Dozuki, Temulent, MF, Cartridge & Macc.

    01. The Destruction Process - Mind In Turmoil
    02. Paradigm X - Some Thoughts
    03. Cartridge - Suspicion
    04. Salamandra - Strange Boy
    05. Psychodelic - Supernova
    06. Martsman - Roads
    07. Malevolent Wavelength - Latin Roulette
    08. Temulent - Angershine
    09. Alpha Omega - Flying Automobiles
    10. MF feat. Creep - Sunrise
    11. Dozuki - Pleiades
    12. Macc - It's Cold Inside

    Artwork by F.Nail & E.Launay

    So, what are you waiting for, get your email on! :teef:
    CD out in July/August.
    Only 300 being pressed. Pre-orders will be taken soon.