XGNCD001- Exegene presents Noise Corrosion (info + preorder)


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hola, hows it going over here? we've been working on a cd and finally we've conjured up some money to get this out to yer ears.
Some time in August is looking to be the release date, or possibly sooner depending on preorders.

XGNCD001- Exegene presents Noise Corrosion

01. Paradigm X - Malthusian Blues
02. Cartridge - Suspicion
03. Temulent - Angershine
04. Malevolent Wavelength - Latin Roulette
05. Dissident - Behind The Curtain
06. Macc - It's Cold Inside
07. dgoHn - Squish
08. Alpha Omega - Flying Automobiles
09. Bad Mammal - Knife Song
10. Martsman - Roads (Sileni Remix)
11. Beatokko - Going Beyond
12. ICR - Earth Odyssey
13. oS - Bears

For audio clips, check DOA

When on sale, CD's will be priced at £6.50 (not inc. p&p), but for anyone preordering we've fixed the p&p at £1.
So for £7.50 (or 2.5 London priced beers) you can preorder this album, guaranteeing getting one of the CD's. Only going to be a limited run of 300.

For now preordering is limited to using Paypal/Credit cards via Paypal.
So to preorder, send £7.50 GBP (or more for multiple copies) to:

donate (at ) exegene (dot) com

Make sure to include your name, address, and how many copies you would like.

Next up on Exegene is XGN030 - Ricky Force - The Aerial EP