[xgn015] Fucoza - Deeper and Deeper EP


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XGN015 - Fucoza - Deeper and Deeper EP
A1. Fucoza - Cheer Up
A2. Fucoza - Cheer Up Dub
B. Fucoza - Deeper and Deeper

We must be in a good mood here at Exegene. After Salamandra's trance vibes on XGN014, Fucoza returns to us with two more uplifting tunes and a dub remix thrown in to boot.
Cheer Up does exactly what it says on the tin, exploring Fucoza's early ambient dance influences to great effect. Think Orbital with breaks and you're just about there.
Deeper and Deeper meanwhile goes off on another tangent, yet retains the uplifting vibes as it turns to the dubbish prog house and nu-skool breaks influence. Both tracks would slide gracefully into any mix, especially chilling out around about 4am. Fucoza rounds the trio off with Cheer Up Dub, a downtempo masterpiece which returns to the theme of Cheer Up with even more rolling bass and a beat to make your head nod gently instead of your body dance wildly.
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