Xenon - 'Raving In Kreuzberg' EP (OLR002)

Jonas Xenon

New Member
May 1, 2020
The next release for Off-License Records, comes courtesy of Berlin based DJ and Producer Xenon. Having already released with us on their initial OLR001 VA, with his track ‘Toxic Desire’, they knew they had to get this unique producer back, but this time for a full EP of his own. Xenon has been perfecting his craft for a number of years now, focusing his sound around the darker side of the music spectrum. With his love for hypnotic patterns and fast grooves, it’s safe to say that this young producer is really pushing the boundaries between Drum & Bass and Techno, allowing him to explore the depths of what these two genres together can achieve. Xenon has already had some notable releases on labels such as DSCI4, Delta 9 and T3K. To be able to call him one of the labels core artists is an honour for them, and with that may they give us his ‘Raving In Kreuzberg’ EP.

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