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    Roshi’s eponymous debut album moves through different genres of electronic dance music skillfully blending influences from stoner rock, electro, techno, drum ´n bass and even dubstep. Roshi builds a multilayered musical experience providing new aural dimensions with each listening.

    In the past ten years Roshi´s views and professional knowledge has influenced many productions. His debut solo album represents the most refined form of his vision. As a whole the release is much more than the sum of its parts. The album is an ode to life, a comment on this world, where everyone should rethink their direction and relationship to themselves.

    The album features noted guests, among them Finnish rapper Redrama, Jere Garcia (Accu), Jan Rechberger (Amorphis) and Mikko Happo (Hidria Spacefolk).

    Behind the name Roshi is the producer Kristo Tuomi (1975-2009). He has done a respectable over ten year long career in musical production and gained a reputation of being a visionary and uncompromising producer. iDJ Magazine selected him as one of "the ones to watch in 2009". He has been involved projects such as Koe, The Jar, Roshi & The Junkmen and Stealth Unit Sound Collective. Besides Exogenic Breaks Records he has released on labels such as Botchit Breaks and Nine2Five Recordings. The album is released posthumously.

    Release date: 23.9.2009
    Format: CD/DIGI

    1. Revolution 2009
    2. Loading Zone
    3. Lay By Me
    4. It´s All Good?
    5. Land Of The Forgotten
    6. Freeway Funk
    7. Shinken
    8 Stoner Disko
    9. Mirror
    10. Persistence

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    Distribution: Arabesque Distribution