Xbox 80s classics collections won't play on 360... / Amusing Xbox game: Grooverider


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I'm so pissed that I can't play my Midway, Taito, and Capcom classics collections on Xbox 360. I've been searching all evening to see if theres a way to cheat this but no luck.

I did however find this amusing Xbox release:

Its called "Grooverider: Slot Car Thunder" and the publishers name.... no joke.... "King of the Jungle". Is that not funny? OMG!

Heres some more:
"In 2000, the company purchased King of the Jungle, based out of London, which developed games such as Grooverider: Slot Car Thunder and Invasion from Beyond."

Based out of London... well where else would Grooverider, King of the Jungle live? I'm sure they intended this connection.
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