xbox 360 call of duty 5 beta code! be quick!


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Feb 23, 2008
here u go one of u lucky lot will being playing call of duty 5 beta on the xbox 360 only, this is a one time code first person to grab it and enter it in your xbox dashboard (under redeem code) will be able to download the mutiplayer beta, a little taster for the release in november.
good luck to u! who ever grabs and enters the code first.
this aint a wind up, there could be more codes to come, watch this space!
i dont have no banging tunes to upload, so thought il share cod5 beta codes. since we all love call of duty!
here u go:
Your Unique Beta Code: CHR3F-HJPXB-337X4-Y8VDF-X82VJ


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Oct 29, 2008
bass plz may i ahve a code for teh xbox360 u do not no how hard i have been tryign 2 get 1 i soo need1 and iv have been given a code of my m8 and its not workign dno y so plz can i have 1 i am beging u...ty..
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