Wylie is in NEED of help, DESPERATLY

Wylie D

Nov 17, 2002
ezeeeee all.

Straight to the point, im a bit fucked, ive got to do a short, very breif analysis of 3 pieces of music software.(3 of the 4 below)


Apparently ive got to breifly (just a few paragraphs on each) ANALYSE, COMPARE and EVALUATE each piece of software. including FUNCTIONALITY, USEABILTY etc etc

Im fine with the practical side of things, but not explaing = arrrrrrgh

If any forum crew have any spare time on there hands, and fancy rushing up some pointes, then please, please reply. (im desperate)

If any1 helps me out, and lives within the local area, ill sort out with guestlist to any events im involved with (One nation, Alchemy, Phylum, etc etc.)

Desperate measures i know, but its meant to be in 10am tomorrow morning.


Bad Ace

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Jan 22, 2003
Hants, uk
sorry man,id help u but i cant help u with ur course work,its cheating lol!!!!nah i wouldnt no n e fing more than u do.sorry bud:shake:

Time Dependant

Jungle Hunter
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Apr 10, 2003
Time Dependant 2007
Have you tried looking on the Manufacturers site, they always do plenty of write up's on there products. you could copy & paste some of the paragraph's word it a little different & as long as it's not getting a full page release in a magazine you haven't really go to much to worry about.
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