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  1. DJOctane

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    hello people, just spreading the word about voguefm.co.uk streaming live djs playing various genres. Get to the website, register and check it out. also there are slots available to any djs wanting a set. just get to the website to find out how. myself DJOctane playing the best in drum and bass Mondays 5 - 7, thanx
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    Radius Its all a scam so start stealing VIP Junglist

    Sep 29, 2005
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    How is it you call it "FM" ( Which stands for Frequency Modulation) if it isn't astream of a radio station LOL

    WIll have to check it anyways...but you get what I mean ? HE HE :rave::nurr_nur:
  3. DJOctane

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    this is a good point lol! il just pretend it stands for funky music!