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lol chat to random people over the net! i do sumtimes if i bored at work lol heres my recent convo

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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hihihhihihihii
You: helllo
Stranger: Mickey mouse
Stranger: How are u?
You: your a big bum!
Stranger: you can't spell
You: i know where u live
Stranger: where?
You: in cuntville
Stranger: ok no class..bye
Your conversational partner has disconnected.


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I wanted to abuse some random person.

Fes Rock

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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: boo yah
You: hi
You: im naked
Stranger: im at work
Stranger: so i cant be naked im afraid
You: m or f?
Stranger: m
You: im at work too
You: naked
Stranger: m or f?
You: m
Stranger: wouldn't like to work in your office
You: i use my junk to rape hoes
You: thats it then
Stranger: that explains a lot
You: stay up
Stranger: will you be my dad/
You: i am already
Stranger: really
You: fo real
Stranger: why don't you like touch me and stuff?
You: maximum gay shit ehh dude?
You: take it easy there


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ou: hi
You: thanks
Stranger: AIDS
You: even better
Stranger: U HAV AIDS
Stranger: GO AWAY
You: nah... ive got herpes
Stranger: /B/


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Stranger: hello
You: hi
You: im looking for love
Stranger: where u from?
You: London
You: u?
Stranger: brasil
You: nice
You: m/f?
Stranger: m
Stranger: u?
You: f
You: how old?
Stranger: liar
Stranger: lol
Stranger: 22
Stranger: whats your name?
You: im not lying
You: sarah
Stranger: hod old r u?
You: 12
Stranger: *how
You: do you want to meet for schecks?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Fes Rock

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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: skinboats
Stranger: aids is awesome
You: freal
Stranger: yes ma'am
You: m/f?
Stranger: m
You: gay porn with monkies
Stranger: holy shit, i'd so watch that
You: they call me machettte
You: i get the ladies
You: bishes dunno
Stranger: machette \o/
You: do u know
Stranger: deadproof
You: i think i know u
You: from /b/
Stranger: yessir, my name is anon and you just lost the game
You: the legends of gaytimes
You: u r loser
You: gaylord
Stranger: only if there are monkeys involved
Stranger: gay monkeys
You: if not?
You: ass sex
Stranger: fisting
You: 33qi9pubnvgweq9runhgq39pu4h
Stranger: only way to go
You: ?
You: que?
You: mouth fist
You have disconnected.


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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hi
Stranger: Hi.
You: m or f
Stranger: M.
You: nice
You: how old?
Stranger: 23.
You: mmmm
Stranger: Your age and sex?
You: f / 15
You: why you gone quiet?
You: do you not love me anymore?
Stranger: I do.
You: k
You: thnx
You: i love you too
Stranger: Great.
You: where in uk you from?
Stranger: Not UK.
Stranger: Finland.
You: thats far
Stranger: Near,far,where ever you are.
You: awww thanks ;)
You: what do you do?
Stranger: Job? Don't have one right now.
You: why?
Stranger: I'm on disability for a while,doing unpaid. Then go to school in autumn.
You: ok. are you a spastic?
Stranger: lol,no.
You: ok i dont like spastics
Stranger: Just my head hurts sometimes.
You: are you a virgin?
Stranger: From not getting love from you.
Stranger: Yeah. You?
You: awww your sweet
You: no im not
Stranger: And you're 15?
You: yes
Stranger: Allright.
Stranger: You do not hesitate.
Stranger: Where in UK do you reside?
You: no... i loke sex
You: in london
Stranger: OK.
Stranger: I might visit London soon.
You: we should meet up
Stranger: Do you have MSN?
You: yes
You: but i dotn know you very well
You: im scared
Stranger: Neither do I know you. But I'm willing to get you on MSN,if you can then show some indication that you are what you say you are.
You: lets just talk on here i like this
Stranger: Fine.
Stranger: What are your hobbies?
You: just school
You: and listen to music
You: u?
Stranger: Bodybuilding,contortion,voluntary work.
Stranger: Listen to music as well.
You: ooohh body building i like big men
You: im small.
Stranger: How small?
You: some boys say they like my bum
You: 5 foot 2
Stranger: I'm 5'11. 190 pounds or so. I have lost a lot of weight.
You: i like
Stranger: Do you think the male body is beautiful?
You: yes i love it
You: why?
Stranger: It's a subject that fascinates me.
You: tell me
Stranger: Yes?
You: tell my why it facinates you
Stranger: I just want to understand how girls think.
You: lol
Stranger: What's your favourite part?
You: what would you like todo when you come to london?
You: i like boys willys
Stranger: Well,me and my mate would hang out,sightsee,maybe meet my online friends.
You: cool
You: i want to see you
You: naked
Stranger: OK.
Stranger: You too.
Stranger: Or is that uncomfortable?
You: no not at all
Stranger: Allright.
You: i like it
You: what would you like to see?
Stranger: In you?
You: yes
You: my mum is here
You: fuk
Stranger: Everything.
Stranger: Who are you?
You: your worst fuking nightmare
You: pervert
Stranger: Nice stunt.
You: stunt?
Stranger: Yeah.
You: i aint doing back flips muvva fuker
Stranger: Well,you shouldn't.
Stranger: I'm not liking this discussion anymore.
You: why you scared?
Stranger: I'm not scared.
You: you
Stranger: This just sucks.
You: should be
You: you suck
Stranger: If you really are her mom...if there is a her,lol. Then,tell her greetings,OK?
Stranger: I'm disconnecting.
You: fuk you bitch
You: pervert
Your conversational partner has disconnected.


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really shouldn't be going on any more of these things...bad experiences. Anyways...

Stranger: hi
You: sup?
Stranger: wat
You: sorry
Stranger: you called me?
You: no
Stranger: yes you did
You: what?
Stranger: you called my computer
You: o_O
Stranger: who are you?
You: dave
You: who are you?
Stranger: I'm also dave
Stranger: why are you here?
You: *SHOCK*
Stranger: lots of people are called dave. If you were really called dave you'd know that
You: this may be a surprise
Stranger: I don't think you're called dave
You: i'm david
Stranger: are you the little man inside my computer
You: yes
Stranger: I thought he was called gavin
Stranger: nice man
You: no, he got another job
Stranger: oh
You: accounts or something
Stranger: he should have told me
You: yeah, he's a dick
Stranger: I'd have made him a cake or something
You: with chocolate
You: that was his favourite
Stranger: anyway, what do you want now you're here?
You: i need a job
Stranger: doing what?
You: stuff
Stranger: I have an opening
You: really?
Stranger: yes. it needs filling
You: good
You: i am your man/woman
Stranger: are you a big man?
You: so big
Stranger: how big?
You: i stand behind chairs and still they can't cover it
Stranger: sorry. that's too big
You: i can have surgery
Stranger: it's an option I suppose
You: ok, so how do i apply?
Stranger: I need a photo to make sure you're not a weirdo
You: how do i send it
Stranger: use ascii
Stranger: like this:
Stranger: @xxxx()::::::::::::::::::::::>
You: ok
You: i will send now
You: hold on
You: http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp62/tisasanchez/black.jpg
You: this is me
You: it will do no?
Stranger: my eyes
You: what about them?
Stranger: they're weeping tears of joy
You: cool
You: so what? i come over
Stranger: I will think about it
Stranger: meet me here tomorrow at 8am
You: done and done
You: deal?
Stranger: deal
You: good
Stranger: bye bye little internet man
You: no
You: i love you
Stranger: *weeps*
You: i need that job
Stranger: beg
You: i am on my knees
Stranger: good good
You: i kiss shoes
Stranger: they have poo on them
You: polish them a bit
You: nice
You: and clean
Stranger: oh my
You: i can have job now?
Stranger: ok
Stranger: start on monday
You: YAY
You: what's the pay like?
Stranger: pay?
You: i know,so silly of mw
You: me
You: i'll see you on monday then

Thin and crispy

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LOL check this one out!!!!

You: hi
Stranger: hey
Stranger: if you say you're from brazil i'll shoot myself
You: well this is your lucky conversation
You: because im not
Stranger: thank god
Stranger: brazilians are all over the place.
You: your not are you? >.>
Stranger: what do you think?
You: no
Stranger: so you are right :)
Stranger: where are you from?
You: but i had a brazilian ask me why there was so many brazilians on here, then told me he was from brazil
You: im from england
Stranger: ooooh nice! i've always wanted to go to england
You: were r u from
Stranger: never had the chance though
Stranger: kansas. middle of nowhere, i know
You: your not missing out so much :)
Stranger: aaah. there is something different about england. at least it seems so
You: the accents? :p
Stranger: haha not just that
You: unperdictable bad weather maybe hehe
You: theres some nice places here, most tourists only go to london
Stranger: you don't live in london?
You: no
Stranger: i don't know.. little places in england seem to be charming. not all agitated like london
You: yep the country is better
Stranger: and anywhere in comparison to KANSAS is something good.
You: :)
Stranger: how old are you?
You: 20
You: yourself?
Stranger: bit younger. 18.
You: and kansas would probably be a holiday to us britts ^_^
Stranger: haha no waaay
Stranger: tourists would never come here.
You: there must be something decent there to do
Stranger: hm... let's think. no.. sorry, there isnt HAH
Stranger: but you know. you grow up here, you get used to the boredom.
You: so whats the scenery like
You: farm land?
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: you know those movies where you see hay flying around in the middle of nowhere? just like that.
You: lol!
You: you could chase they hay
Stranger: haha never tried that! maybe i will someday
You: so what time is it at your place
Stranger: almost 10pm
Stranger: and at your place?
You: 3:50
You: am
Stranger: laate
You: yeah tell me about it
You: i dont sleep much
Stranger: me neither actually
Stranger: but i have exams tomorrow morning. gotta go to bed soon
You: exams huh? :(
You: what r u studying?
Stranger: last year of HS. almost over, thank god.
You: ^_^ what will you do when u leave?
Stranger: not sure. leave kansas, for sure.
Stranger: the good universities are not here haha
You: hehe
Stranger: you're the first decent person i talked to here
You: when you think about america changing states is almost like leaving the country here in the UK
Stranger: haha. so common here. most people that live in central usa want to go to west or east.
You: thanks, you too :)
You: so theres nothing in central america?
You: or, USA
Stranger: haha there must be something
Stranger: not that i know of. but i hope there is a little something
You: do you think you will go back when you've finished stufying?
You: studying*
Stranger: depends on lots of things right?
You: i guess
You: u might find a job, or a partner.. anything
Stranger: if i find a good job and place to live somewhere else, maybe i'll never come back here to live
Stranger: yeah yeah
Stranger: that's what i mean.
You: like i said, everything in the UK is only a few hours away....
You: you could move from one end of the country to the other... your only a few hours away haha
You: so what do you study?
Stranger: haha europe in general is like that. i mean, countries in europe.
You: ye they r >.<
Stranger: general things at high school. so you know, everything that school teaches you. don't know what i want to do at university though.
Stranger: maybe journalism related something
You: sounds cool :)
Stranger: what do you do?
Stranger: study? work?
You: i used to do electrical testing a few months ago
You: before that i studyed computers
Stranger: interesting.
You: apparently im also a "microsoft certified professional"
Stranger: HAHA never met a "microsot certified professinal" before
You: ye, extremely interesting :p
You: you have now!
Stranger: what does a "microsoft certified professional" does exactly?
You: well it qualifies you to be a computer technician
You: fixing peoples/companies computers etc
You: saving the PC's from people who cant use them
You: but i suppose, depending on how you get it, you could be a software engineer or something
Stranger: i don't know a thing about computers haha
Stranger: it impresses me that i never broke mine
You: maybe your not adevnterous enough with it :p
You: adventerous*
Stranger: maybe kansas people are unable to be adventerous haha jk
You: well if they r still there when they could move away your probably right
Stranger: HAHA
You: a journalist must be pretty adventerous tho right?
Stranger: now you got me haha
Stranger: guess so
Stranger: but i think that if i leave kansas it will be adventerous enough. and then i'll develop that factor anywhere i go
You: ^_^
Stranger: any plans for tomorrow. or today there haha
You: ill go see my friends, maybe go out for a drink
You: you?
Stranger: chasing hay
Stranger: HAHA
You: lol
Stranger: no no. there's a party.. thinking about going to that.
You: well, its the weekend... no harm right? :)
Stranger: right!
You: partys are rare here most people go into the town and drink at bars and nightclubs
Stranger: if we had nice bars and nightclubs.. yeah, sure, i would go there.
You: are they the typical old ones you see on the movies?
Stranger: kind of.
You: the bar tender has a beared and is always cleaning the same shot glass
Stranger: they try to make things more modern, you know? but it all looks fake
You: aah ok
You: i get you
Stranger: HAHA the last bar tender didn't have a beard. but they say he got fired. so i don't know about the new one
You: they told him, grow a beared or your out of here!
Stranger: but drinking age here is still 21. most places they follow that.
Stranger: hahaha
You: aah ye i forgot america has that stupid law
Stranger: sure. a bar tender isn't a bar tender without hair on his chin.
Stranger: i know
You: its 18 here
Stranger: we can drive when we're 16! but no drinking until you're 21!
You: :(
You: the funny thing is
You: when you go out you could be dancing with a girl and if you ask her age, they are often 16/17
You: its kinda worrying
Stranger: that's why my mom thanks god the nighclubs: 1. won't allow drinking for me 2. are really lame, so i don't even want to go to those places
Stranger: gotta go. need to do some final studying before going to bed!
You: ok :)
You: good luck tomorrow!
Stranger: thanks! i'll need it haha
Stranger: bye, thanks for the nice conversation
You: you too, i guess i should sleep :p
Stranger: haha you should
Stranger: have fun tomorrow ;D
Stranger: bye
You: bye



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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: wadup
Stranger: yo
You: youre no stranger
You: i remember you
Stranger: I know, right
You: exactly
Stranger: this site doesn't work
You: we met years back
You: remember
You: the caravan
Stranger: yeah, I remember
Stranger: of course, the caravan
Stranger: Italy!
You: yeah man you know!
You: good times
Stranger: seriously, I have never been able to look at a grapefruit the same way
You: I never thought it would fit into a hole that size
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

mcbeckzman :P

bambalachaz™ MC Beckzman
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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: wadup
Stranger: yo
You: who u
Stranger: im fine and you ?
Stranger: im your mom
You: really
You: then your dead?
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: im a ghost
You: shit really?
You: casper?
Stranger: boooo
You: boo you
Stranger: yes
Stranger: dont boo me
Stranger: thats not nice of you
You: ill tell you whats not nice
You: date rape
You: ever tried it?
Stranger: No i didnt
Stranger: thats nasty
You: oh its a secret?
You: ok i undertand you didnt ;)
Stranger: did you do it ?
You: Yeah
You: it wasnt good tho
Stranger: oh thats bad.
You: had to keep lubing her up her cooch was like sand paper
Stranger: yikessss!
You: i kno
You: takes the piss duznt it?
You: then she kept moaning so i cut her head off and stuck my penis in the fleshy side
Stranger: oh thats nice
You: talk about deep throating
You: i was in the windpipe
Stranger: uhahaha.
Stranger: and now she's dead ?
You: yeah shes in my closet i get her out when im bored
You: oh btw the boy or girl?
You: you*
Stranger: girl
You: fancy cuming on a date?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I even make myself a bit sick sometimes.

mcbeckzman :P

bambalachaz™ MC Beckzman
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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: I wanna be inside you
You: deep inside you
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

God no one likes talking these days


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anyway, been having some fun

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
Stranger: hey wanna talk dirty
You: sure
You: asl?
Stranger: 16 m usa
You: 14 f england
Stranger: what cup size do wear
You: half pint
Stranger: ok
Stranger: you got any pics
You: sure, i've got my own website, www.lemonparty.org
Stranger: fagg
You: you
Stranger: Hello.
You: hello.
Stranger: You?
You: 'ows it goin geezar?
Stranger: I'm afraid I am unfamiliar with that word.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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Stranger: hey:)
You: suop
Stranger: what?
Stranger: Asl?
You: m23uk
You: u?
Stranger: Total
Stranger: Totally*
Stranger: f15usa
You: if your gonna trol at least be believable
You: everyone says 15
You: 15 or 12
Stranger: What the fuck?
Stranger: 12?
You: f15usa. pics or it didnt happen
Stranger: Lmao.
Stranger: Never happened
Your conversational partner has disconnected.