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    Mar 2, 2005
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    ez all

    Just a quick update on whats going on at WTS.

    The radio is doing well,with more djs, more listeners ETC (respect to all of you)
    We have sum WTS club nights coming up, which ill keep you posted on.

    But the next thing were organising is the WTS agency tour in january. We already have about 12 dates confirmed, from liverpool to london, and america to belgium.

    This is mainly a note to all promoters where ever you are, If your intererested in hosting a WTS night in january, please get intouch ASAP as dates are going fast.

    The tour is free, so dont worry if your on a small budget. We have over 40 top quility DJ and MCs for you to choose from. And are willing to travel to even the most remote places.

    To confirm a date or to receive any other infomation concerning the tour, please contact us now>>

    Kinda: AIM: dadjkinda
    MSN: djkinda@hotmail.com
    Email: djkinda@hotmail.com
    Vickie: AIM: rlyvickie
    MSN: victoria_riley10@hotmail.co.uk
    EMail: victoria_riley10@hotmail.co.uk

    Thankyou , and we look forward to hearing from you



    (p.s any promoters/djs in reading area, please contact me, need a word, cheers)